Another satirical article hits the Internet

Jun 16, 2004

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The Watley Review, which is a satirical “news” site, posted a story this week about an Americanized version of Harry Potter.

The series, provisionally entitled “HP,” will be an Americanized adaptation of the original books, more in keeping with the typical teen dramas which are the trademark of the WB.

“The first two movies did okay, but the third one [Prisoner of Azkaban] has been much better received. And do you know why? Because the kids are becoming teens,” said Levin. “We think a teen Harry Potter drama really has potential to connect with our prime demographic – especially once we tone down the British cultural references.”

The network’s controversial decision to Americanize the series and re-imagine Hogwarts School of Wizardry as a high school in Malibu has incited an uproar from Harry Potter fan communities. The WB has expressed confidence that viewers will change their minds after the pilot airs in September, but critics are not so sure.

Remember, guys, it’s supposed to be a funny joke.

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