Interview with Bill Weasley

Jul 16, 2004

Posted by: SueTLC


There is a new interview from The Burrow with Richard Fish, the actor who stood in as Bill Weasley in the Weasley family Egypt picture in the Prisoner of Azkaban film. When asked if he would be returning to the Goblet of Fire film as Bill Weasley, the young actor answered:
GoF is certainly looking good for the Weasley family as after Azkaban I had a talk with a few of the Assistant Directors over a couple of months and after they learned I was keen to return to hopefully make Bill have a larger prescence, they confirmed that they were interested in re hiring me for the job. Hopefully Alex as well. One thing wich they did mention, which I must too so as not to disappoint anyone, is that we’ll be there in a reduced form from the book due to it’s length. Fingers crossed they won’t cut too much of us! “

In ‘Goblet of Fire’ Bill is described as having a ponytail and a fang earring and wearing dragon hide boots. In the Weasley family photo (from the film) Bill doesn’t appear to fit this description (of course this is a year before his next appearance in the series, so it’s acceptable Bill’s look could change in a year). Will his hair have ‘grown’ to ponytail length by ‘Goblet of Fire’ or will the new film disregard his canon (book) description?

Bill’s appearance in Azkaban showed him and the rest of the family in Egyptian clothes (as the clip is in sepia you also can’t tell that we were all made up to have sunburn too!) but I’m really hoping that his reappearance in GoF will show him in his boots and jacket, etc. The hair is also a mystery, whether or not they plan to attach a ponytail is unknown yet but I’m certainly not growing one! “

Thanks Alastor!

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