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Oct 14, 2004

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There are two small pieces of GoF filming news today. David Tennant, who plays the role of Barty Crouch Jr in the upcoming Potter film, told a newspaper that he’d already filmed some of his work for the Goblet of Fire movie:
It’s a small part, and I’ve already filmed part of it. I’ll be doing the rest soon,” he said

Also, there is this story about a 9 year old boy who is an extra in the Quidditch World Cup scene, as a Bulgarian fan in the stands:

“I am the one in the green dress with patterns on it wearing a square hat with purple bands right at the front of the crowd.”The best thing about it was seeing the actors and actresses in the flesh”, he added.”The only people I didn’t see were the evil students and professors but I saw Emma Watson (Hermione) and I think she’s hot and I waved to Daniel Radcliffe (Harry) as he was leaving his tutorial class.”

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