Floo Partner HP Lexicon’s Massive HP Timeline Update

Oct 25, 2004

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Steve Vander Ark of the Floo partner The Harry Potter Lexicon has informed us in a very bleary way that after four solid days of work, the Lexicon’s master timeline has been updated to include all new bits of information we’ve recently learned from J.K. Rowling.
For instance, the timeline notes that while Fred says, in book one, “We haven’t won [the Quidditch cup] since Charlie left,” Jo Rowling’s clarification of Charlie’s age reveals that they haven’t played since Charlie left either, and that was only two months previous. Every nitty picky detail is spelled out here, and the timeline even notes the age each main character will turn in each year of its record. Truly exhaustive work, as we’ve come to expect from the Lexicon folk.

Finding Hogwarts

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