More Jeunet Directing Rumours

Oct 29, 2004

Posted by: SueTLC


Yesterday we told you that in a newspaper French director Jean-Pierre Jeunet declined the offer to direct the film version of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Today many readers have let us know about a chat that was conducted by a different French newspaper “Liberation“, where Mr. Jeunet had appeared to have not yet made up his mind about the directing job. Quote from chat: “Warner Bros has made me a proposition for number five, I have the book right in front of me that I have to read; I have no idea of what my next film will be.”
Also, Empire Online has now posted this interview with the director, which was conducted earlier this week. In this interview, Jeunet says he hasn’t read the script for OotP, and appears to have not made up his mind about the project.

“So, has he been approached? “They proposed me something like this, yes,” said Jeunet. But would he do it? “I have no idea because I wait to read the book, I have to take my time,” he explained. “When you are in love with a story, you have to take your time to follow it and to fall in love again one time. You need some time. And I need to be in love with a story because I am going to spend four years of my life inside without pleasure, without seeing anybody, you work 16 hours per day and at the weekend and I need to be in love with each detail.” Which could be the sticking point, for Jeunet freely admits that he’s not exactly au fait with the Potter-verse. “I am not completely excited //today//,” he smiled, “but I didn’t read the script and I watch only the last one, which was pretty good. “But if I found a new personal idea, I suppose I would be more excited. But I need some time to think and they don’t give me a lot of time..”

What this all means is that it is still somewhat unclear if Mr. Jeunet has declined the directing job, and that we will update more when we can.

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