Oscar Watch: Possible Nomination for Prisoner of Azkaban F/X


Dec 17, 2004

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The organizers of the Academy Awards have narrowed the list of possible contenders in the category of “Best Special Effects” in a motion picture. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban is one of seven films that qualify to compete for this year’s nominations. In order to make the final round to be nominated for an Oscar, each of the seven qualifing films must supply a 15 minute reel of highlights for screening by the voting members of the Academy. The members will then nominate 3 of these films for an Oscar award. Other films to make this final round of possible nominees are Spiderman 2, the new Lemony Snicket film, The Aviator, I, Robot, The Day After Tomorrow , and Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. The Academy Awards nominations will be announced on January 25th in Los Angeles, California.

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