GOF: First Pic of Rita Skeeter


Dec 31, 2004

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And the year ends with news! The current issue of Premiere has our first look at Miranda Richardson as Rita Skeeter. Note that this picture is pre-first-task – and the dragonhide and sleeve-horns on Skeeter’s costume. Thank you Deniska for the scan!
Also thanks MuggleNet for the article:

Another year at Hogwarts, another director charge. As the first Englishman to direct a Potter flick, Mike Newell brings his own school days to bear as Harry faces not only his own fire-breathing dragons in the Triwizard Tournament but also his greatest challenge yet – the resurrection of Voldemort. “This story is about the return of the being of evil,” says Newell. “Harry is the vital ingredient for the potion which will bring Voldemort back.” Like He-Who-Must Not-Be-Named, Daily Prophet hack Rita Skeeter makes her first appearance in this fourth installment of the series. “She’s completely brash and completely hateful,” says Richardson, who likens Skeeter to 1930s gossip queen Hedda Hopper. “She’s written the deal before she even gets there, really.

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