UK Edition of Half-Blood Prince: 608 Pages


Feb 11, 2005

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The UK edition of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince has been confirmed as being 608 pages in length. Andy, from Harry Potter Fan Zone, wrote to let us know that they confirmed the length of the new Potter book with Bloomsbury, after seeing this scan of an order form for the book, which was orginally found on The page length is the same for both the UK adult and childrens’s editions of the book. The US edition of the new Potter book, published by Scholastic, will have 672 pages. Harry Potter and the Half- Blood Prince will be released on July 16th. Thanks very much Andy!
Update: Just for further confirmation, Bloomsbury has let us know it’s official as well. The page length was on Bloomsbury’s order forms for booksellers, which went out today.

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