Snape on Trial!

Apr 22, 2005

Posted by: SueTLC


Accio 2005, the UK Harry Potter Conference, sent us a press release today that included some news of interest for all you Snape fans out there. The conference will be holding a “Trial of Professor Severus Snape” which convenes as part of their Potter convention to be held in July. Those charges which the err distinguished Hogwarts Potions Master faces are:

1. That the accused did, feloniously, treasonously and with malice aforethought, combine with others to support the most bloody, abominable and beastly cause of the notorious, prescribed and avowed traitor Thomas Marvolo Riddle, sometime called Lord Voldemort.

2. That the accused did, feloniously, treasonously and with malice aforethought, voluntarily accept membership within a prescribed and illegal organization, vulgarly termed “the Death Eaters”;

3. That the accused, feloniously, treasonously and with malice aforethought, continues as a member in the said illegal organization.

4. That the accused has on divers occasions and under the guise of lawful chastisement committed assault and battery on minors in respect of whom he was in loco parentis, such assault and battery being occasioned by divers magical and physical means, and resulting in perceptible physical and psychological harm to the said minors.

All convention attendees are encouraged to participate in this event and submit arguments for or against the above. Good Luck!(especially to those who are defending him, the slimy git…teehee)

Also, Accio has added Edward Kern to the list of speakers at the convention. Edward Kern is author of The Wisdom of Harry Potter:What Our Favorite Hero Teaches Us About Moral Choices. Accio 2005 will be held in Reading, UK on July 29th through the 31st.

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