Jim Dale Talks Recording Half-Blood Prince AudioBook

Jun 23, 2005

Posted by: SueTLC


Jim Dale, who narrates the US edition of the Harry Potter books, has given a new interview where he talks about the process of recording for Half-Blood Prince. He recorded the book in April, only he says he is not certain as to the exact number of voices he did for Book 6, as he has not had time yet to go back and count the characters (he voiced 134 characters in Phoenix.)

“So how did Dake tackle the big job of recording the audiobook? He did it 100 pages at a time. Because the audiobook has to hit stores when the book is released, Dale had to record the book in a hurry back in April. Dale says he got the book to start reading over a weekend, and on Monday he recorded the first 100 pages. On Monday night, after leaving the studio, he read the next 100 pages and practiced the voices or invented new ones if the section he was working on had new characters. On Tuesday, he was back in the studio, working on the next big section of the book. Dale said he didn’t have time to read the book through before he started recording it, so it was fun each day to see how the story was unfolding.”

PLEASE NOTE: There is a POSSIBLE SPOILER at this link.

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