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Jul 05, 2005

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Many of you have reported a not-found error when accessing our “Ask Jo” poll; it should be right here; be sure to look at the right side of your page! A lot of you are also asking why you can’t vote more than once here: we restrict by IP, which changes often if you’re an AOL user but really not very often for others. Trying to keep it as fair as possible, guys.
Since we have just 10 days to go, our moderators at our forum, Leaky Lounge, are posting one poll a day until the release. You can see a list of the links to the polls here; today’s poll is “Who Will Harry Kiss?” – yes, really – so, though we so rarely say this here and I’m wincing even as I do: go to town, shippers. (But please keep your debate to the designated thread for it, which is miraculously still a nice place to be and will be disabled if it gets nasty. Our comments on this post are not for ship debate either. Thanks!)

Finding Hogwarts

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