Illegal Versions of HBP Online

Jul 21, 2005

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Illegal, downloadable versions of HBP are the subject of a recent article in Wired‘s online magazine. It seems that a few people scanned the entirity of the book, in violation of copyright laws, and distributed it on peer-to-peer networks. Such a distribution is illegal in most countries, and in the US, under the recent Grokster ruling, it is possible that operators of websites, chatrooms and mailing lists that allow links to such ebooks are also engaging in infringement of JKR’s work. Neil Blair, an attorney in JK Rowling’s agent’s office, said:

“Well over 10 million people (bought the book) on July 16 alone; people still like reading books on paper. Whilst I do not want to belittle the piracy, proportionally compared to traditional sales, it is tiny.”

Just a reminder – anyone linking to or offering ebook versions of HBP or any other book on TLC, the Chamber of Chat or the Leaky Lounge, will have their post removed and may face other consequences.

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