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Jul 28, 2005

Posted by: SueTLC


There are a few new updates on the Bloomsbury Harry Potter website. Their cub reporter, Vhari Leishman, has posted her report about the weekend, and there are also some new photos of the event. Amoung the many things in the article is this detailed section on the feast in the castle.

“…we were taken into a special room where we were given juice with jelly spiders in the bottom which turned our tongues different colours and were once again greeted by Crispin the Curator. We handed in our questions to our group leaders and were then shown the television footage of the previous night.

Then we were taken into the feast itself. Every wall of the room was covered with thick black material and draped from the roof were black curtains embedded with fairy lights which made it look like the night’s sky. There were five tables in this room, four of which were in two rows and the fifth longest one sat in front of them all. Each table had a large banner behind it with the Hogwarts crest and the name of each house in its respective colour. We all took our seats. The tables looked fantastic: smoking pots stood in the centre surrounded by large glass goblets filled with jelly which appeared to be glowing from the flashing ice cubes inside, bowls of sweets in between the plates of meat, chicken, Yorkshire puddings, chips and potatoes. At each plate there was a small scroll tied in ribbon coloured to match the house you were in, mine was therefore blue and silver. Unrolling the scrolls we found the Hogwart’s school song exactly as it was written in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.

The prefects sat at the top table with Crispin and throughout the meal they came to talk to us. A few of us at the Ravenclaw table even managed to convince Ethan (our prefect), to steal some more sweets for us from the Slytherin table for which he was rewarded with loud cheers (we had run out due to a game of ‘can you get a sweet into the jelly from your seat’ which, I’m afraid to say, we were all awful at). Then came the desert of eclairs, apple pie, jelly embedded with jelly babies, fruit salad and pink rice pudding- or ‘Brains’ as they told us.”

Also,there are cub reporter articles on ,,The Times, and The Scotsman.

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