New Photos of Barty Crouch, Harry in the Bath, Cho a Yule Ball, More

Sep 30, 2005

Posted by: Melissa Anelli


bartycrouchthumb.jpgAnne sent us some great photos from the Harry Potter Pocket Calendar from Germany, and Jenna of has kindly let us repost her scans as well, which include – yes – a more detailed pic of Harry in the tub. That’s your cue, fangirls. I’ve got my earmuffs on, go to it.
Anne asked for a little happy birthday message to her friend, so: Happy Birthday Karo! 🙂

Harry in the bath (All Leaky staffers have ducked, fangirls clear to scream)
Harry and Krum in the maze
Harry in the maze
Harry in the maze (2)
Harry in the maze (3)
Harry at the Yule ball
The Trio going into the Tent
Harry (portkey scene?)
Harry in the trophy room
Harry and Ron
Harry (shocked!)
Harry (worried!)
Harry (with an egg!)
Harry (outside!)
Harry (in the first task!)
Harry (dressed up!)
Harry and Cedric

Barty Crouch, Jr.

The Beauxbatons girls
Cho at the Yule Ball
Ron and McGonagall at dance lessons
Hermione and Ron
Madame Maxime
Ron in bed
Ron (scared – spider scene, most likely)
Fred and George selling something (taking bets?)

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