Stunning New Goblet of Fire Photos


Oct 18, 2005

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Our friends at MuggleNet have posted a whopping 64 new photos from the upcoming Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire film. There are many new photos, including closer views of the masked Death Eaters rampaging through the Qudditch World Cup camp ruins, several new ones of Rita (check out the green Quill!), Dumbledore in his office (is that possibly the Pensieve on the desk?) the Slytherins (including Draco), the Trio, Fleur, Cedric, a hilarious one of the”Older” twins, Filch, Madam Maxime and Hagrid, Dumbledore, Mad-Eye and some new Pensieve trial photos. There also are several VERY Spoilerish photos of wacko Barty Crouch Jr. casting the Dark Mark, and one of the scenes toward the end when he is caught by Dumbledore, Snape and McGonagall. Spoilers ahoy! Enjoy! Click here to view.
Thanks to MuggleNet!

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