Ralph Fiennes Talks More on Voldemort


Oct 21, 2005

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Actor Ralph Fiennes has given a new interview with Dark Horizons where he speaks quite a bit more about his role as the villainous Lord Voldemort in the upcoming Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. He says that he is aware of the high anticipation for his character’s appearance in the film, noting “It’s quite a moment for Potter films…”I have no doubt children will be afraid of me now if they weren’t before.” The article includes disussions of his roles in other films, but there is also this about his research and preparation for the role of Voldemort:

“I don’t really feel the hype for this particular Harry Potter film. I mean, I’m told about it, but I don’t have a fan’s investment in the books myself. I like them, I admire the world of the books, and the characters that she’s created, but I’m not, as it were, an addict of Harry Potter so I guess I don’t feel that sort of thing where you feel slightly possessive about something.” Fiennes read the novel Goblet of Fire when cast in the film version, but laughingly concedes “I was only interested in my scene, and I had to go through thousands and thousands of other scenes which I did, dutifully, until I got to my scene and I read it many, many, many, many, many times and that was my research.”

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