Live from the London Goblet of Fire Press Conference


Oct 22, 2005

Posted by: Melissa Anelli


TLC, MuggleNet, and a bunch of other sites and press representatives are on a conference call at the moment, where we’ll be listening in on and participating in a conference with Dan Radcliffe, Rupert Grint and Emma Watson, followed by one with Clemence Poesy, Robert Pattinson, Stanislav Ianevski and Katie Leung, and finally a third conference with Mike Newell and David Heyman.
We’ll be updating this post with important bits of information as we hear them, live. After the conference we’ll get these interviews transcribed and out to you as fast as possible, and you will be able to hear parts of the audio on the next editions of our respective podcasts.

Dan Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, Emma Watson:

  • Dan: “Me and Harry are not very good with women. I’ve got better now. But I think any man ever who says he has never had an awkward moment with a girl is a liar. He’s either a liar or he’s delusional.”
  • Dan: “The thing with Harry and Ron is that they are the worst dates in the world with these two poor girls!” Afzhan, his date, is also one of his best friends. “You have sort of the ballroom casualties who are outside weeping because the night has gone so horribly.” Emma: “Including Hermione!”
  • Emma on the Yule Ball: “I loved doing it because I can relate to what she goes through. I so know that frustration where guys can be so insensitive….Hermione is so insecure about herself and she’s never really had any attention from a guy before that when she sees Viktor looking at her it’s like, ‘Is that guy really looking at me?’ … She does not know what’s happening to her and she gets caught up in this whirlwind.”
  • Emma, on what she wants to see happen in book seven: “For goodness sake, Hermione and Ron just need to get it together! It’s just been so long now!”
  • Emma: “If anyone else played Hermione, it would actually kill me.”
    Dan: “A threat to any future Hermiones there…”
  • Dan: “When I was reading book six, there were parts I was reading and going, ‘Oh, I would love to do that.'”

The rest is under the link!
Dad Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, Emma Watson continued::

  • Emma: “There has been a lot of speculation abut whether we’re going to outgrow our parts but it works out really well because each one takes about a year.”
  • Dan: “There is always this thing of, ‘Will you get too old for your part?’ People play a lot younger than they actually are in real life. I don’t think it’s as big an issue as a lot of people make it out to be.:
  • Dan doesn’t like iPods becuase he’s obsessive about having the actual CD and sleeve.
  • Dan, joking about whether the kids would fall into wild Hollywood lifestyles: “I’m planning on buying 20 Porsches and crashing them all just for the extravagance!” The kids don’t go to the parties they’re invited to most often; Dan feels like he’s “fooling people” because it’s this massive thing (the film) and yet he’s so low-key he feels like he’s tricking everyone.
  • Emma loved all the arguing in the film – she thought it was realistic of the characters.
  • Mike Newell treated them like adult actors, say Emma, where in other films they could “get away with more,” says Dan.
  • Emma, on walking down the stairs at the Yule Ball: “I didn’t know there were so many ways you can walk down stairs until that day.”
  • Rupert says he thinks he’ll continue acting for his career. Emma doesn’t want Harry Potter to be the last thing she does; she loves getting on stage and reacting to a live audience. Dan loves acting and was trying to figure out what the attraction was: he has no idea. He says it’s something to do with power, because you have a character and it’s up to the actor to determine how the character is seen. He says he has a huge passion for acting and is “maybe” interested in eventually directing because he’s been inspired by the directors he’s worked with so far.

Clemence Poesy, Robert Pattinson, Stanislav Ianevski and Katie Leung:

  • Stan: “Krum is the world’s David Beckham…I think he’s got two sides: very sporty, very concentrated, but also he’s got a big heart.” Ianevski wants to continue acting.
  • Clemence: “[Fleur] is the kind of girl we’ve all had in our school. Miss Perfect, kind of annoying at the end, but always well-dressed.”
  • Pattinson: “It’s impossible to hate [Cedric].He’s good at sports, and very athletic; he kind of vaguely takes Harry under his wing and they get closer as the film draws to a close.”
  • Katie: “[The role] has brought out a lot of confidence in me.”

Press Conf with Mike Newell and David Heyman:

  • Two years ago, Mike Newell met with Jo Rowling and they discussed the moral challenges inherent in the book and how important it was for Harry to stand on his own morality.
  • Mike Newell, much to WB’s chagrin, says the movie has all the elements of a great Bollywood film.
  • David Heyman is happy with the 12A rating because he doesn’t feel they’re children’s books, and calls it a “generous, smart, funny thriller.”
  • Mike Newell: “I can’t stand myself sometimes.” He hates his work, all the time, he says. “I always hate the end result, and this time, and it may be a very bad sign, this time I don’t hate it. This time I think it’s what I tried to do, what we all tried to do, which was to make this wonderful, terrifying thriller ride. So it pleases me very much.”
  • A fun fact: Frances de la Tour, while filming, pulled something out of Robbie Coltrane’s fake beard and ate it. “Tiny moments like that will keep the characters alive,” says Newell.
  • Dan Radcliffe likes to do his own stunts; he’ll go to the gym several times a week during lunch and has become a “jock,” says David Heyman.
  • Jo has not seen the film yet for personal reasons, but will soon.
  • Jo Rowling OK’d putting Barty Crouch in the first scene. “Oh, that could have happened, yes,” she said when they called her to ask about it.
  • Mike Newell: Jo Rowling is not, “the best returner of a phone call I’ve ever come across,” but is very sweet and available, and gives the filmmakers the freedom they need to make their own work. David Heyman calls her “the most generous of collaborators.”

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