More Media Coverage of the GoF Kickoff


Oct 26, 2005

Posted by: SueTLC


The media coverage of the the official Goblet of Fire press events continues. We have a number of pieces for you to add to your collection:
* A Canadian program called ETalk Daily aired a short interview with actor Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson. Warning to fangirls: Yes it is true, Dan does mention being 16 now and of legal age(consent)to have sex…(all editors have now covered our ears.) Our friends at have posted this video which you can see,here. (They also have a windows media version available as well)

* Reuters has this article about how the Trio’s families and school help them cope with all the attention they get during the launch of the Potter films. Actor Daniel Radcliffe notes “I never think of myself as famous. As far as I’m concerned, I’m famous for two days a year which is the premieres.”

* The BBC has a piece on the trio growing up through the years, and includes side by side photos of the trio from the first Potter film to ones from Goblet. The Times, The Scotsman and The Herald all have similar articles. Update: The Evening Standard also has this article as well.

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