Time Magazine Interviews Daniel Radcliffe


Oct 30, 2005

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The new issue of Time Magazine will contain a new interview with actor Daniel Radcliffe about growing up while portraying Harry Potter in the movies. The Associated Press is carrying this excerpt from the interview where they also point out that Daniel has “spent almost a third of his life making movies.”

“I’ve got quite a surreal mind anyway, so I don’t think it’s made much difference to how I see everything,” he told Time magazine. “That’s what’s weird: I don’t think of it as being that bizarre.” Radcliffe was first cast as Potter when he was 11. Since then, a lot has changed: he’s taller and his face has become more defined, his voice has changed, he’s got complexion issues and is growing starter stubble.For director Mike Newell, that causes problems. “I’ve just been working on a scene which we shot in our first week, and Dan still looks like the little kid that he was in “Sorcerer’s Stone,” he told Time. “Now, 11 months later, he doesn’t look like that at all.”

Dan also talks a bit abut his co-star Emma Watson, saying that NO they are not involved in a romantic relationship. We will bring you more about this interview with Time which is on newsstands on Tuesday.

UPDATE: The entire interview is now online, here. Enjoy!

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