Mary GrandPr&#233 at Sarasota Reading Festival


Nov 06, 2005

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An ocean away from the premiere events in London, this week, Mary GrandPré appeared at the Sarasota Reading Festival, where she spoke about her illustrations for the Harry Potter series, as well as her work on her new book, Henry and Pawl and A Round Yellow Ball. TLC reader Roger sent us this report:

One of the things she showed us was a few “warm-up” pictures she had drawn. When a new book is getting ready to be illustrated, she starts drawing Harry to get into the swing of things again because she is doing other illustrations since the last book was released. One of the drawings, and this will answer the age-old question of “boxers or briefs”, was of Harry in nothing more than his boxers, because getting into the swing of drawing Harry was like waking up in the morning for a new day, so she drew Harry as he would look starting a new day. She said that she has shown this picture at only a few speaking engagements and we were one of the lucky ones.

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