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Nov 10, 2005

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A fresh batch of reviews for Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire are now cropping up today. The BBC posted a generally postive review of the film, noting how the trio has improved in their performances, and commenting on the “slick” performances from Alan Rickman and Brendan Gleeson. On the BBC site as well is an overview article of some other newspaper reviews of the newest Potter film.
The Hollywood Reporter also has now posted their review of Goblet of Fire. Like the other reviews, they are mostly positive, noting the darker tone of the film. However, they do find fault with one aspect of the film involving the romantic storyline.

Here is the place where the film seems hesitant. Rowling’s story insists that Harry pines for Cho Chang even as Ron looks at Hermione in a brand new light. Only Harry and Hermione must spend so much quality time together because of the plot that they seem to go together more comfortably.

UPDATE: Here are a few more reviews readers let us know about:

Empire Online gave Goblet Three out of Five Stars in their review saying: “It’s refreshing that Potter 4 aspires to be a paranoid thriller rather than yet another detective mystery and there are some terrific effects and considerable charm, but, once again, you can’t help wishing they’d been bolder with the adaptation.”

Brian gave us the link to the entire Variety review mentioned in the BBC overview article above. While they lament the absence of the delightful moving paintings and most of the ghosts (save Myrtle), Variety is very positive about the performances of the cast, praising Dan Radcliffe’s “more dimensional and nuanced performance as Harry.”

Finally, Lizo of CBBC Newsround gives Goblet high marks in his review; Four out of Five stars. BBC Movies (separate than the regular BBC review) also gives Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Four out of Five stars as well.

Update #2: Manchester Online also has given Goblet of Fire Four out of Five stars. Of the cast they say: “Radcliffe continues to mature as actor but it’s Watson and Grint who impress most, despite their limited screen time. Sparks of sexual chemistry are clear for all to see.”

Thanks Rachael, Chris, Brian, and all who emailed!

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