New GoF Clip: Post Second-Task


Nov 10, 2005

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A new GoF clip (post second-task) has turned up here, at Thanks Basiled!
Basiled also sent us a transcript of this clip – thank you Basiled!

Fleur to Gabrielle Delacour : “Come ! Come ! It’s finished, yeah, give me your hand.”>
Dumbledore : “Harry! He’s alright. Barty? The judges have to assemble themselves.”
Fleur to Harry: “Everything alright? You saved her! It wasn’t your job to save her! My little sister! THANK YOU!” (kiss) (kiss)
Fleur to Ron: “And you helped him!”
Ron to Fleur: “Eeh yes, a little.” (kiss) (kiss)
Fleur: “Gabrielle, my dear, come.”

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