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Nov 15, 2005

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As we told you previously, actor Daniel Radcliffe was due to appear on Australian talk show “Rove Live” today. That show has now aired, and TLC reader Stef sent us a transcript of the show which you can read below. Dan spoke about filming on Goblet and also talked about being back for Phoenix and possibly even Half-Blood Prince. We hope to have up video here shortly as well. Thanks Stef!
Update: SnitchSeeker now has the video posted at this link. (Please right click and save.) Thanks Lina!
Rove Live interview with Dan Radcliffe
(recorded previously when Dan was in London)

Clip of Harry first seeing the dragons is shown. Then it crosses to the

Rove [R]: How are you? You look very well?

Dan [D]: I am very well, thank you. How are you?

R: I am doing marvelously well. Now of course everybody knows Harry
Potter, the books are a phenomenon as are the films. When you were first
cast in the role of Harry Potter, the books were already incredibly well
known around the world. were you already a fan of the books?

D: I had read the first two but I hadn’t read the other ones so I
wasn’t obsessed. I had really liked them but I wasn’t like one of the people
who had been swept away by the mad craze of it all. But then when I got
the part and I started to read them again, I actually did slowly become
one of the army of millions of people who is now obsessed with the
books. So I now absolutely love them but before I had only read the first

R: And now – it must be strange for you – but you are actually Harry
Potter. You are the one people look at when they think Harry. When the
read him off the page they would invariably think of you. Is it hard for
you to live a normal life, to just get out and just be Daniel

D: Not really. I mean some people refuse to believe that I can possibly
lead a normal life but that’s not sort of the case. I mean it’s
sometimes wise if I go out to maybe wear a baseball cap cause otherwise it can
get a little bit crazy. But I fon’t understand when actors sort of
complain about getting recognised on the street cause you know, it’s not
like people are throwing bricks at you (laughter from the audience) and
things and being really horrible. When people come up to me and are
being really nice, then you know, it’s great, it’s really complimentary.

R: Is it like Superman and Clark Kent (laughter) like if you take your
glasses off, people won’t recognise you?

D: Well, you see the thing is, I thought that that would be the case
cause I think that I look very different but evidently that’s not true
and people still recognise me. But again, it’s not a big problem but I do
think I look very different.

R: Not I’ll tell you what, you look a lot different from the very first
movie – 11 years old when you did Philosopher’s Stone. Have you ever
watched it back since?

D: I had the misfortune, by accident I was flicking through the
channels on TV and they were playing it and I was so shocked by me! I was tiny
and I had this squeaky voice and I thought there was something wrong
with the television because I thought something was wrong with the sound
on the TV or something! So I don’t think I’ll go back and watch it
again or any of the others for sort of – once I go see the film at the
premiere, I sort of then like that’s finished and I won’t watch that for
like ten, twenty years or something.

R: I get freaked out when I switch on the TV and see me looking tiny
with a squeaky voice (inaudible)

(D: laughs)

R: Haha, nice gag Daniel! No, of course for those people, now I’m sure
a lot of people –

(D: still laughing hysterically at Rove’s lame albeit funny joke)

R: – have read the book for the Goblet of Fire but for those who
haven’t, take us through the new movie.

D: Umm, ok, so in the new gilm we start off – and it’s a long time ago
that I did it so I’m having to remind myself of it – but basically the
film centres around the Triwizard Tournament which is when 3 magic
schools which is Beauxbatons Academy, Durmstrang and Hogwarts, which is the
best one! They all sort of get together and have this tournament and
they have these three tasks in the tournament and Harry’s – normally they
only have 3 contestants in this tournament but because it’s a Harry
Potter movie, Harry is picked, naturally! (laughter) And so he enters and
it’s about sort of the tasks that he faces and in the end, of course,
he meets Voldemort and I think that that’s sort of the main bit of the
entire film really, certainly for me.

R: Well I would’ve thought one of the main bits for you would’ve been
very much like Harry, he was very daunted by this idea: there’s a big
dance, a big end-of-year dance that all the schools have to partake in.
Was it very nervous for you to have to learn how to dance?

D: Well, the thing is, both my parents were amazing dancers,
championship winning dancers and I really wanted to sort of do them proud but I
think those genes have skipped a generation cause I wasn’t very good!
(laughter) But the thing is, I like to point out at this point that
everyone else has had about two or three weeks rehearsals and I only had two
days so I think I did very, very well, but no one else does! (laughter)

R:Of course, speaking of skills though, what about, much like Harry of
course, the kids at Hogwarts – the hormaones are kicking in! Harry’s
starting to look at the ladies. What about you Daniel, what about your
skills with the ladies? How are your skills with the ladies? (Rove uses
a very eloquent hand gesture ass he says “ladies†each time)

D: You love that word, don’t you?! (laughter)

R: Ladies!

D: You love the ladies! (laughter) No, they’re sort of marginally
better than Harry’s skills, but not by, you know, I feel in playing the part
of Harry I’m sort of standing up for every fourteen year old boy
because at fourteen, nobody, no boy is good with girls. We all you know
possibly think we’re being really smooth and stuff but we’re not! The girl’s
probably standin there thinking “Who is this person and why is he
talking to me?†(laughter) And so I think, playing Harry, I feel like I’m
standing up for everybody cause I personally don’t have much better
skills than Harry…with the ladies! (laughter)

R: With the movies themselves, how many Harry Potter films will you
yourself and Rupert and Emma who play Ron and Hermione of course, how many
more films will the three of you be part of?

D; Well, we’re definitely doing the fifth one which we start in
February and you know, that’s incredibly exciting with the director of that’s
a guy called David Yates who’s a British director and he’s really,
really clever and it’s really exciting. But I mean, after that, who knows?
I’m trying to take it one film at a time but as I was reading the sixth
book there were moments where I was just sort of going ‘That would be
really cool to be able to do.’ I’m not saying, like there’s some bits in
the sixth book that I’d really love to be able to do but it all depends
on loads of stuff. Ultimately, it comes down to whether I’m still
enjoying it and I have been so far and I don’t see any reason why that
should change.

R: Well, thank you very much for taking the time to talk to us and
enjoy your stay in Australia while you are here. Harry Potter and the
Goblet of Fire, November 24 in New Zealand, December 1st in Australia – Get
excited everybody and please thank Daniel Radcliffe!

D: Thank you very, very much.

Finding Hogwarts

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