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Nov 19, 2005

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An interview with Harry Potter film producer David Heyman appeared in the UK publication “Metro” on Friday. While most of the information we have heard previously, David talks again about the power of the Potter fans, and the mistake on Voldemort’s tombstone.

Harry Potter fans are a hardcore bunch – have you done anything to upset them?

In the fourth film there was a picture that was sent out too early that depicted an incorrect name written on a gravestone. That was something we had corrected but there was still a huge amount of fan outrage when they saw it.

Mr. Heyman also talks again about how much input Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling has with the films, and mentions that yes indeed, JKR has talked to actors Alan Rickman and Ralph Fiennes about the direction of their characters.

What’s her biggest input been regarding how the films look?

When we were shooting the very first film she came to the set and saw our wands. She thought they were too ornate, so we simplified them. We are able to ask her things about the evil Lord Voldemort, so we didn’t do anything that might cause us problems later, and Ralph Fiennes and Alan Rickman have been able to ask her about their characters. In the first film Alan Rickman had no idea what direction his character, Snape, would take.

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