Critic Rex Reed Admits: “I’m too old to properly assess any more adventures…”

Nov 21, 2005

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In The New York Observer, Rex Reed pans Goblet of Fire, first complaining that the movie is “entirely too long for adults and out of the question for children,” despite the fact that it is only five minutes longer than the first Harry Potter film. Reed goes on to say that GoF is

“so pretentious, convoluted and confusing that grown men were standing around in groups after it ended, asking, “Did you understand it?” Worst of all, this movie is so violent, you’d have to be a sadist to send children off to watch the ghastly things that Harry is subjected to here. Stabbed, burned, beaten and tortured, with corpses piling up around him in every scene, Harry never sustains a bruise and never breaks his glasses, but still.”

Finding Hogwarts

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