Photos from Possible Deleted GoF Scenes?


Nov 23, 2005

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The has some new scans from a day- by-day calendar that show some scenes from Goblet of Fire that were not included in the final theatrical version of the new Potter film. One of these scenes includes Snape and Karkaroff outside in the snow at the Yule Ball, in what looks like an intense exchange of words with each other. Other photos include the trio by a lovely waterfall, Cho and Cedric having fun dancing to some fast music, and another photo shows Karkaroff, Barty Crouch Sr., and Professor McGonagall sharing a drink at the Yule Ball. We can not confirm if these deleted scenes will appear on the Goblet DVD yet or not. We will update with more when we can. Click here to see them all. Thanks very much to the Snitch Seeker!

Finding Hogwarts

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