Cast Watch: New Ralph Fiennes Interview


Dec 18, 2005

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Fresh from the press junket for The White Countess, Ralph Fiennes has a new interview in Newsday. In it, he talks about his new film, being nominated (or not) for prestigious awards, and about basing characters on their outward appearance. Which, of course, brings us to Voldemort!

“He’s a cosmically evil guy who’s been given a new body, and Fiennes says ‘Goblet of Fire’ director Mike Newell told him that the villain ‘hasn’t had a body like this for ages.’ So, adds Fiennes, he decided to put in little bits of business, such as ‘feeling his head, his breathing, it’s a new thing to breathe like that. Enjoying how he moves. And adding to that this sort of energy of revenge. The delight that ‘I’ve got my power back.””

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