Julie’s Top 10 Leaky/Harry Potter List for 2005

Dec 31, 2005

Posted by: Melissa Anelli


Editor’s Note: This year some of your TLC staff will share with you their favorite moments of 2005; Julie’s is first, with Sue’s, John’s and Melissa’s coming later. Enjoy!
10. Ralph Fiennes as Voldemort. Chillingly human enough to make LV even scarier than I’d imagined him.
9. Neville’s waltz. Wonderful, just wonderful.
8. HBP Release Party at Border’s. So many smiles. Such wonderful costumes (I proudly wore my Marauder’s Map T-shirt). So much excitement.
7. Brendan Gleeson as Mad-Eye Moody. Before seeing the film, I always pictured Liam Neeson as Moody. No more. There could be no one but Gleeson in that role.
6. Getting to be on a PotterCast, especially answering mail! Too much fun to be allowed.
5. Harry and Ginny. Harry and Ginny. Harry and Ginny.
4. Reading THE INTERVIEW, and feeling so thrilled for Melissa, even though I didn’t know her (and not being at all jealous. Nope. Not. At. All.)
3. Seeing GoF. My first midnight screening of an HP film. It was such a blast to be there in the theater with like-minded/obsessed people. I was NOT embarrassed to have known the answers to all the trivia questions that were asked of the audience before the film started (although my kids might have been)!
2. Reading HBP. We had our family tradition — the ceremonial reading of the first chapter out loud together (Carly was the reader), and then scattered to our respective cozy spots to dive in. For two days, I did nothing but read. We even delayed bringing our new puppy home until I’d finished the book, so there would be as few distractions as possible!
1. Getting hired as Leaky’s newest editor, and working with the wonderful, amazing Leaky staff and readers. Need I say more? 😀

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