New Mini- Series on BBC for Jason Isaacs

Apr 26, 2006

Posted by: SueTLC


The BBC announced today that actor Jason Isaacs (Lucius Malfoy) would be starring in a new six part mini-series called “State Within.” In what is being called a “high octane, complex, action-packed conspiracy thriller”, Jason has the lead role of Mark Brydon, the British Ambassador to the U.S. Filming for this new mini-series is currently underway in Toronto through July, and will be broadcast later this fall on BBC One.
Also, Empire has published a new interview with Jason, where he discusses another upcoming project called “Good.” Jason was very funny when discussing his role in the Harry Potter films as Lucius, as he described those fabulous long blond locks he sports in the films.

You have a strange relationship with your wig then?
I do, well the wig is on time-share with Paris Hilton and she comes round. It takes a lot longer to prise it off me at the end of the day because I fancy myself as the lead singer of Sweet. Nah, it’s not very long, they’re all terribly slick with it. I miss it. I like the wig. I’m not a man who gets to disguise, I look pretty much the same in everything I do except for Harry Potter and I get to wear a fabulous wig.

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