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Nov 13, 2006

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Previously, we first told you of reports surfacing online of the OotP teaser trailer that is due to be released this week. A second description has now surfaced online over at In addition, we at TLC can now bring you the entire transcript of what we believe is the teaser trailer for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix that will be shown in movie theatres before the film “Happy Feet” this Friday, November 17. These details are very much in keeping with what has been posted previously, and we believe this to have merit. Due to HUGE SPOILERS, you can read the entire detailed transcript below.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Teaser Trailer

*Opening Shot: WB Logo flying thru clouds. Clouds part to skyline nighttime shot of London, and then sweeping shot pans down and dissolves to shot of Sirius sitting at Grimmauld Place.

Sirius Black at Grimmauld Place: “Fourteen years ago, Voldemort had huge numbers at his command.â€

*Quick shots of hooded, gold masked Death Eater.

*Shot of Professor Dumbledore standing before fully assembled Wizengamot.

Albus Dumbledore: “Evidence the Dark Lord’s returned is incontrovertible.â€

*Shots of exploding proclamations (educational decrees) on the Great Hall wall.

Full Screen words:
“On July 13â€

*Shot of Harry Potter standing in Snape’s office

Voiceover of Professor Severus Snape: “You won’t last two seconds if he invades your mind.â€

*Quick shots are shown of Hermione in Forbidden Forest, Shot of Ron, Ginny, DA in background in the Room of Requirement, Voldemort in graveyard wand drawn from dueling (probable flashback to Goblet of Fire), then back to shot of Harry in Snape’s office.

Harry Potter: “I’m not weak!â€

Professor Severus Snape: “Then prove it!â€

Full Screen Shot with words
“A New Order Begins.â€

*Shot of Harry sitting in kitchen of Grimmauld place, with Fred, George, Hermione present.

Harry Potter: “If Voldemort’s building up an army, then I want to fight.â€

*Series of quick shots:
Proclamation of Educational Decree exploding off of wall

Gold mask Death Eater

Ron ducking

Harry falling

Umbridge standing before swing clock pendulum

Harry kissing Cho

Umbridge pointing wand

Harry flinging back toward wall

Order of the Phoenix flying on brooms over River Thames past a large ship

Bellatrix Lestrange firing her wand

Hallway into a darkened room as it gets closer to Snape pointing wand at Harry

Harry falling back into wall in Snape’s office in pain

Pink-suited Umbridge running up the aisle among students, clearly panicked

Voldemort emerging from the mist

Trio in woods, falling back as if afraid

Order flying on brooms past the Parliament building at night in London.

*Screen goes black with only the sound of a clock’s gong, then…

Full Screen words slowly appear:
“Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenixâ€

*Closeup shot of Harry Potter zooming toward camera full on, flying on broom.

Full Screen words over cloudy background
“July 13, 2007
America Online Keyword: Harry Potterâ€

End of Trailer

Finding Hogwarts

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