New OotP Trailer Photos, Including Sirius Black, Umbridge, Plus Harry and Cho…Kissing!


Nov 17, 2006

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As we told you about last night, the USA Today has an article about the brand new teaser trailer for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Along with the article are some new photos, which you can see via the links below. New photos include Umbridge giving the OWL Tests, Voldemort in a misty background, our first look at Sirius Black in OotP, and …The Kiss! Spoilers of course. Enjoy! Thanks to UHP and Charlotte!
High Res Stills will be on the way soon; hang tight!

* The Kiss: Harry and Cho

* Sirius Black at Grimmauld Place

* Professor Umbridge

* Voldemort

Finding Hogwarts

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