More Details on GoF High Def DVD Commentary by Phelps Twins

Nov 28, 2006

Posted by: SueTLC


Thanks to TLC reader Neil, we now have more details on that brand new commentary found on the newly released Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire High Definition DVD. Neil writes that James and Oliver Phelps (“Oliver Phelps has his hair brushed back while James has a side parting and brushed forward”) do host the commentary the whole time, with older clips from Dan Radcliffe, Mike Newell and David Heyman cut in,as the twins are shown the entire time, discussing what is happening on the screen. Further details on some of their conversation are:

“They say that the reason they were picked to do the commentary was because they are the most talented, best looking, best charismatic actors in the film, and in more scenes then anyone else. They also mention that everything they tell you is true about the film apart from the blatant lies, so as you can imagine it’s the twins in their finest form.

During the first few scenes of the film the twins mention how stupid the old man was to go up to a creepy house at night, they advise waiting for the morning.”

We also have two new photos of this DVD, where you can see the actual DVD , and the box cover, here.
Thanks again Neil!

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