Paolini Talks Potter End


Dec 10, 2006

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Eragon author Christopher Paolini has made some new remarks about the Harry Potter series in a new interview with USA Weekend. In an article highlighting that the first of the film adaptations of his popular books is due to open next week, the young author also comments about the outcome of the Harry Potter books, and specially about what he thinks should happen to Harry. Along with Eragon actor Edward Speleers, Chris Paolini answers the question “Speaking of writing fantasy, somebody’s going to die in the next and last Harry Potter book, by J.K. Rowling. Who should it be?”

Speleers: “In theory, it should be Voldemort. But part of me thinks Harry should die, following in his father’s footsteps.”
Paolini: “You know what she could do? Have Voldemort die and then have Harry die at the same time. If you have death in the last book, it has to be important death.”

Eragon opens in movie theatres friday. Thanks Marissa!

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