New Scholastic Book Seven Placeholder Art; No Release Date Yet Available


Dec 15, 2006

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Scholastic, the US publishers of the Harry Potter series, has now added new Book Seven placeholder art on the Harry Potter 7 page. You can also see this artwork in the icon with this post. Readers will remember earlier this fall, Scholastic updated the image; this is now the second image that we have. Again we stress this does NOT mean that a title or release date is imminent for certain, just that this is the artwork now on the page.
On a related note, as we told you previously pre-orders are being taken by several online retailers, including Borders. There have been rumors and various reports that a release date is being bandied about for July of 2007, however, this editor personally went to five different Borders today and none of them had a firm release date for Book Seven, nor did I see any of the pre-order signs with a specific release date on them. The reps did tell me that while they were “hopeful” for an announcement in the future, the only thing for certain now is that you can pre-order, and they will alert you when an actual date is available. So again folks while it is exciting, please remember not to jump to conclusions; it’s only official when Jo and her reps say so. Hang tight everyone!

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