Door Opens on Possible Book Seven Title


Dec 21, 2006

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ho ho HO!
The door has opened on
Behold the glorious gift inside!
Yes, after a few little tricks to get the door open to her office ,there is a present waiting inside. You click on the present and a game appears of sort, which seems to reveal a TITLE we believe to be that of Book Seven. See below for tips on how to get to this title.

Please note: If you are hoping to avoid spoilers , please be aware the title is being discussed in the comments multiple times.

  • Click on the doorway in the mirror, then a tree appears
  • click the middle of the main door and a Christmas wreath appears
  • clickion the mirror and garland appears
  • click on the little spider web on either side of doorway
  • click on the wind chimes and a key will appear
  • take the key over to the lock and walla! open the door.
  • A present is on the desk… click on it
  • Out comes a Hang man game
  • Play the game to get the title

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