Scholastic Updates Book Seven Title Image; Part of New Title First Appeared Three Years Ago

Dec 21, 2006

Posted by: SueTLC


In the wake of the release of the name of the title of Book Seven today (which is also Winter Solstice btw), Scholastic, the US publishers of the series, has updated their Book Seven image with the new name on the main page of their website. Bloomsbury, the UK publishers also have updated their image and confirmation of the name on their Harry Potter website.
Some fun and interesting notes as well to tell you about now. First, in order to find the title via, you have to play the Hangman game. Readers will remember that a Hangman game has appeared at least twice previously in the Harry Potter books. First as drawn on the inside title page of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (Harry writes under the pic “you die Weasley!”). The second time appeared in Half-Blood Prince in Chapter Six, Draco’s Detour (pg 117 US edition) as Harry sees it when he enters Weasley Wheezes. If others can remember another occurance, please send them in! Update: Jennie reminds us about another instance where in OotP during a History of Magic class, Ron and Harry are playing the game, and Hermione threatens to not let then use her notes as they weren’t paying attention.

As for the title itself, thanks to TLC reader Roonwit for reminding this editor of a tip I sent in here to TLC and we first posted about back in August/September of 2003 involving a company called Seabottom and early registration of titles for Harry Potter. Two of the titles orignally claimed were “HARRY POTTER AND THE HALLOWS OF HOGWARTS” and “HARRY POTTER AND THE HOGWARTS HALLOWS.” These names may have been in Jo’s mind for some time, but it is interesting to note the word Hallows was used there; no word yet on what the other two titles were she had been considering for book seven.

Another spooky coincidence perhaps. but this is the seventh time the door to the office on has opened and it brings us the title to Book Seven.

Finally, as it is the Winter Solstice, how about the reference from the prophecy “on the solstice will come a new” “and none will come after.” Whether that is significant, we can’t tell, but all in all, WOW!

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