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Dec 23, 2006

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We’ve made a quick transcript of the Evanna Lynch phone call from this morning’s PotterCast, our Harry Potter podcast, since the audio was hard to hear in places. If you read this along with it, you should be able to make it out better.
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Melissa Anelli: …once we announced this, we asked for people to send us their numbers and such and a very very special person did so, and why don’t we go and say hello. It will come right after a special word from our sponsors.

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So shall we call her, now?

John Noe: Oh yeah, let’s see if she’s around.

MA: I can’t wait. Hi –

Evanna Lynch: Hello?

MA: Is this Evanna?

EL: Ohhhh!! (Screams)

MA: Hi Evanna! How are you?

EL: Ohh how are you?

M: I’m very well, I got sue and John here!

EL: Hiii! (squealing)

JN: Hey Evanna!

Sue Upton: Hii! Squee! I’m so excited!

EL: Oh my!

MA: Oh it’ so great to talk to you!

EL: And you! Oh my, it’s so exciting!

MA: We’re talking now to Evanna Lynch who does play, will play, has played Luna Lovegood in the Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix film, and we’re talking to her specifically because she is such a huge Harry Potter fan that we had to get her reaction.

JN: That’s who this is, I had no idea who we were talking to!

MA: How did you find out the news?

EL: Oh, OK, I kind of thought it would be today because it’s the Winter Solstice.

SU: Yes.

EL: I was saying, it must be today. Phoenix was released on the summer solstice, and she likes the solstices, so I was checking all morning and then at lunch time it went up, and [sighs].

SU: Yay!

JN: I just can’t believe it, that’s a pretty good guess.

EL: Kind of. How did you find out?

JN: How did we find out? Oh my…

SU: Evanna, let me tell you this. This morning, you know I have my secret Jo alarm that goes off, and my internet was down, and I couldn’t post it right away so I literally had to run donw the street in my pajamas to find a neighbor how had the blackberry so I could get it up up on our web site. It was just unbelievable, I’m like, I must post this news, this is like unbelievable. So that’s what we do.

EL: You just got it straight away did you?

SU: Yes, as soon as –

JN: Oh, yeah.

SU: As soon as her door opened!

MA: But Evanna new, Evanna had a feeling that it would be today. She’s that in tune.

EL: I just think it’s the solstices that are important things.

JN: I can’t believe more people didn’t think of that, and I heard that it was written in the books somewhere. A clue about it coming out on the winter solstice

EL: It was the prophecy, wasn’t it, the one that was broken.

JN: I couldn’t believe that when I saw that.

EL: None of you new?

MA: No.

JN: I kind a knew. I kind of know these things.


EL: You must be a seer!

MA: I expected it around Christmas but I didn’t know about the solstice, I thought she would wait until Friday, because it was like the end of the week. And actually isn’t the solstice actually tomorrow?

SU: No, no, it started right now, ti’s 7 ‘o’ clock here in the United States.

MA: Ah, OK. So Evanna, I have to know, what do you think it means?

EL: Me? I think it’s referring to the veil. And I think it means that Harry will die but it won’t be that he will die and that’s the end of hi, it will be that we will go into the veil with him when he’s dead, so he’s still kind of living.

MA: That’s a very important part of the hero’s journey to go to the land of the underworld, the land of the dead.

EL: I can’t – I know they say Sirius is dead but he was just hit with a bit of red light. I think he must really be dead, and Harry’s going to go behind that veil.

MA: Do you think he’ll come back?

EL: I don’t think they can come back from that veil.

MA: Oh-ho.

JN: I don’t understand, then how would he come back and finish off Voldemort if he had to go into the veil first?

EL: Well maybe Voldemort goes in there too, I’m not J.K. Rowling, you know.


JN: Oh, I keep forgetting who we’re talking to, I thought we called Jo again! I guess we’re talking to Jo next week.

MA: Yeah, John.

EL: So what are your theories?

MA: Oh, gosh. John, what do you think?

JN: Deathly Hallows. I had to sit and think for a few minutes how to even pronounce it, because i”m so used to saying Godric’s Hollow, but it’s not spelled the same as Godric’s Hollow, ti’s a different world completely.

EL: Hallows.

JN: because originally I thought that it was the asme as Godric’s Hollow and then someone told me no no, ti’s with an o, not with an a. I don’t think I have a very good idea of it yet other than it reminds me of the word Halloween, i don’t know if ht has anything to do with tat, but I’ve heard a lot of different theories on the Web site, on LeakyLounge.com today, but nothing that I’ve come up with very good.

EL: It means being holy as well. I don’t think she would do that because that would upset a lot of religions, wouldn’t it.

MA: Isn’t it interesting? We’ve never had anything regarding holiness or saints or God in Harry Potter. Here it is, it’s about being Holy, which is interesting.

EL: I think she’ll be a bit careful, you know the Pope is always saying rude things about the books.

MA: I know.

SU: Yeah.

JN: I think she’s pretty tough though, I don’t think she would be too afraid to get anybody angry if she wants to make a good plot.

EL: She wouldn’t be afraid, but there might be someone telling her not to do that.

MA: I have to say, as a Catholic, I’m afraid always to say things, because I’m afraid that the Pope’s going to excommunicate me for being a Harry Potter fan. But no, yeah, I think you’re right, she might be worried. I would be worried to bring religion so strongly into these books.

JN: It might not be any more than just, isn’t Halloween, the original holiday behind Halloween “All Hallows Eve,” and it had to do with the day of the dead and it had a little bit of saint lore I guess behind it originally anyway? Maybe it has to do, I had more ideas about it having to do with holy objects or saints and things like that and maybe not so much organized religion as much it is as things that are spiritual.

SU: Right.

MA: Do you know what I keep thinking about, and I don’t know, Evanna, if you agree, but remember when Cuaron mentioned a cemetery to Jo and she said, “No, no, no, that comes later”? Remember? And now we’re talking about a place of the dead, at Hogwarts maybe?

EL: Yeah.

JN: Oh, yeah.

EL: [sighs]

JN: I remember hearing about a cemetery, I think it was Prisoner of Azkaban, because they were trying to figure out if one of the things in the background during the scene with Harry and Lupin walking around in the woods, if they were looking out to a graveyard possibly, in the distance.I guess it was clarified that it was not a cemetery, that the cemetery hadn’t been written about yet.

SU: Do you think any of the things could have to do with the Hallows being the four horcruxes?

EL: Horcri!


MA: That’s right, Evanna!

JN: That’s right! Come on Sue, get it right.

EL: Yes, that’s possible! Oh, you have great ideas and, maybe, ohhh…

MA: Well tell us what it was like when you got the title, how did you feel?

EL: Oh, I was just really – you see, my dad works in the school I’m in so I was going in his office all the time between classes, so I checked, and it kept saying – it was on MuggleNet, I’m sorry –

[MA Laughs]

MA: It’s OK.

EL: It kept saying, new photo of Daniel – I mean, he’s nice, but i want the book, the title, and then it came up. And I made signs with my friends and we stuck them on all the doors. People, I was like, saying to them, the book is called The Deathly Hallows, and they were like, what book? And I was saying, what book would you talk about? And then I had to go and do a history test.

JN: Oh no. I hope you did OK.

EL: I don’t think so.


MA: I don’t blame you. So you made signs with your friends and you put them on all the doors in school?
EL: The people in schoool, most of them aren’t dedicated fans. We just made little signs saying the final Harry Potter book will be called…

MA: And then you had to take history. And you had to spend your day taking a history test. That stinks.

EL: What did you do when you found out?

MA: I ran around like a lunatic in my apartment looking for my phone, which was right in front of my face, but I just ran around going, ‘Where’s my phone, where’s my phone, where’s my phone, where’s my phone?’ I finally found it and i called, who did I call firs,t I called Sue, because I knew the title was out but I didn’t know the title because I didn’t go to JK Rowling.com and open the door,I just wanted to know the title. So I called up Sue, she said hello, I said WHAT’S THE TITLE? and she told me.

JN: you spoiled it for yourself?

EL: I didn’t have the patience to do that either. I just highlighted.

MA: Yeah me too. I was like, ‘Hangman, OK, you guys go play, I want the title.’

JN: You guys hurt Jo’s feelings, she probably spent hours making that Web site do those things today.

MA: Yeah I’m sure.

JN: Jo makes all that stuff by herself.

MA: What do you think this means for the release of the book?

EL: I think it will be summer. It has to be. The seventh of the seventh would be nice but because of the bombings I don’t thionk she likes that. Her birthday, maybe.

MA: Well if she gets it done in the next couple of months it still could be summer.

JN:I always thought it would be fall but I really have no good reason why.

EL: It could be Halloween.

MA: I would like that

JN: That would be very cool.

SU: Yeah That’d be awesome.

JN: Halloween, yeah that would be very cool.

MA: So exciting!

JN: DIdn’t Jo say at one point about the title that she thought it was superstitious to give out the title until she finished writing the book?

MA: Yeah but that doesn’t hold up, because she gave out the title for book five three ears before it came out.

SU: Right.

JN: Aw.

MA: So you know, there’s that.

JN: I thought it could count for something.

MA: Book four came out a couple of months before it was released, the title did, and tha the time o book three nobody put this much stock into titles, so it wasn’t such a big deal.

JN: Lame.

SU: Just to get this clear, you said that it doesn’t mean, that you don’t think Harry’s going to die, right?

EL: No, he will die. I think he definitely will die. But it’s not like, you see, everyone thinks, you know, he lives or he dies, and if he dies that’s the end of him. But I think we’re gonna go with him, in death, and because, you know, J.K. Rowling, everyone sa-between, where he’s dead but we’re still with him. And, I just, yes I think he’s going to go beyond there somehow. And we shall follow him.

MA: Oh gosh.

JN: That would definitely be something.

SU: Well that’s a really good theory – you must be a Ravenclaw in real life, I mean you have to be because that’s pretty smart, that’s good thinking. Are you a Ravenclaw?

EL: I think I’m a little bit more Gryffindor.

SU: Oh, cool.

EL: I’m kind of determined, you know. I don’t think Luna, herself, would go and stand in any [unintelligible].

JN: So you’re not a Slytherin?

EL: I’m not a Slytherin. That’s not – don’t say that.

JN: Oh, not even one of the nice Slytherins? Come on, I’m a nice Slytherin at least, I’m one of the nice ones.

EL: There are nice ones, I’m not saying that they’re all bad, but I don’t think you’re a Slytherin either.

MA: Ahhhh.

JN: You don’t?

SU: See? He’s Hufflepuff, he’s like me.

MA: What do you think he is?

SU: Hufflepuffs rock.

JN: I don’t know about Hufflepuff.

EL: Oh I don’t know.

MA: I don’t think he’s a Slytherin myself.

EL: Where would you put yourself? OK, you have to do – Dumbledore says it’s our choices, so where would you choose to be?

MA: You’re stuck now John.

JN: Umm, I don’t know. I think Slytherin house can be fun.


JN: If you’re one of the good Slytherins.

MA: He’s a Slytherin I guess then.
EL: [Makes “Hm!” noise]


JN: I’m in whatever house you want to put me in Evanna.

MA: John, Evanna gave you a little ‘ Hm!’

SU: Yeah.

MA: I don’t think you made her very happy with that answer.

EL: That’s OK! That’s OK.

JN: I’m half Slytherin.

EL: But see if Voldemort was fighting you, you wouldn’t run away from your friends, would you?

MA: No.

JN: Of course not.

MA: Definitely not.

EL: See, you’re not a Slytherin.

JN: OK, I guess you’re right. You talked me out of it.

MA: I love it. You got talked out of being a Slytherin by Evanna.

JN: She did her good deed for the day.

MA: Yeah, definitely. So do you have any other theories about all this that you want to share?

EL: Hmm, they’ll probably all come to me when I put down the phone. What are the main theories, do you think?

MA: A lot of people think that it has something to do with horcruxes, but I just think, I can’t get there, with it. I think maybe, maybe a little bit. Maybe it has something to do with where Harry finds the horcruxes, something like that, but I”m leaning more and more towards it being a place that he visits.

EL: Yeah. And maybe in Hogwartrs.

MA: Yeah, maybe it’s in Hogwarts. Now, we should explain that we’re talking to Evanna today strictly about the title. One day in the future, we’ll have her lovely presence back to talk fully about the movies and the books and all her theories.

JN: Oh that’s right, she was in a movie recently. Some little thing.

MA: But we’re not going to do that today because it’s not the right time, and this is purely about the books, but we can’t, Evanna, we can’t wait, because we’ve met you and we know what a sweetheart you are and we can’t wait to have you on for real.

EL: Yeah, um, and I’m sorry my theories are a little [?] tonight, it’s just a lot to take in in one day.

SU: Oh, yeah.

JN: Absolutely.

MA: Oh it’s only been a few hours, I can’t even get my mind around the title. I keep saying it out loud to get used to it.

EL: You have to, I keep having to say all seven of them.

MA: Yeah, because except for Sorcerer’s they’re Chamber OF Secrets, Goblet OF Fire, Half BLOOD Prince, you know, there’s a three thing, and now it’s just Deathly Hallows. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

JN: Very strange. I’ll have to do what you’re doing Evanna, and put up signs.

EL: You know, I like it.

MA: You like it?

JN: The title? Yeah, I don’t know how you can not like it, just because of what it stands for just being hte last book. I don’t know if she could ever put out a title that I couldn’t like.

EL: I was thinking that, you know, you can’t contradict J.K. Rowling.

SU: I’m just curious what the other two titles were. That’s what I want to know. If this is what she settled on, how close were the other two?

MA: I KNow but look at that, she went and put the word death right in the title. Talk about ratcheting up suspense about whether Harry will die!

SU: Oh, no kidding.

MA: Evanna, it’s lovely talking to you.

EL: You too!

JN: Definitely.

EL: Just tell MuggleNet, I’m sorry. I’m not betraying them.

MA: Oh, no, no, no.

JN: They won’t mind. We’re just talking to a bunch of Harry Potter fans tonight. We have a good few dozen more coming up next. But we had to get you in here first, as a big Potter fan out there.

EL: Thanks! I’m very flattered!

MA: Oh gosh we’re very flattered to have you. From what we’ve heard, it’s going to be very impressive, but we can’t talk about that now, so we’ll talk about it very very soon.

JN: Keep hanging up those posters at your school.

EL: I will, yeah.

JN: Well thanks for staying up late with us Evanna, it’s very nice of you.

EL: I won’t be able to go to sleep, oh, god, I don’t know.

JN: Well I’m sure if you stick around the LeakyLounge and Leaky here, there’s lots of people that are going to be up late talking about all this too.

MA: Well thank you sweetie!

EL: Thank you! Good luck with your other calls!

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