Fan Art Contest – Design a “Deathly Hallows” Book Cover

Dec 23, 2006

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Attention Fan Artists! We have a new contest for you, in honor of Jo’s announcement of the title of (the book formerly known as) Book Seven. All entries will be placed in our galleries, and the winners’ works will be posted on Leaky’s main page. Good luck!
Here are the details:

Design and create the cover of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.
* There is a strict PG-13 rating for all cover art.
* Animated entries will not be accepted.
* Your entry may be created using edited/photoshopped film images, or hand-drawn from an original concept.
* Photoshopped and hand drawn entries will be judged separately.
* Your entry must be accompanied by a description detailing what is on your cover and why. Briefly describe your symbolism, characters included, etc.
* You may create your cover using any two-dimensional medium, but must specify all mediums used in its creation.
* All submissions must be solely the artist’s creation; any artwork found to include the work of others will be disqualified immediately. Photoshopped images must be edited to a point when a majority of the image is an original composition.
* Submissions will be accepted in .jpg, .png, or .gif format.
* All submissions must be e-mailed in to [email protected] by January 25th with the competition and category included in the subject line. i.e. “Photoshop – Deathly Hallows Cover Art” or “Hand Drawn – Deathly Hallows Cover Art”

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