Video of Giant Squid


Dec 27, 2006

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Here is a fun bit of unusual news for you. Researchers in Japan caught the rare Giant Squid, and for the first time ever, there is video of this mysterious creature. The Gryffindor red sea creature was caught off the Ogasawara Islands south of Tokyo earlier this month, and unfortunately later died. CNN reports that the creature which is mentioned in the Harry Potter books as living in lake Hogwarts, even swimming with the students in OotP, are “are the world’s largest invertebrates. Because they live in the depths of the ocean, they have long been wrapped in mystery and embellished in the folklore of sea monsters, appearing in ancient Greek myths or attacking the submarine in Jules Verne’s “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.” Or save first years when they fall out of boats. To watch the video of this creature, click this link, then click on the bottom left where it says “Video.” No word if toast was found at the scene. 😉

Finding Hogwarts

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