Leaky Presents the Harry Potter Quote Conjurer


Mar 01, 2006

Posted by Melissa Anelli

We’ve got a great, fun, just-plain-cool-if-I-do-say-so-myself widget for you: The Harry Potter Quote Conjurer for Mac AND Windows.
The conjurer is the latest from our Truly Awesome Widget Guy, Chris Chang, and today, its first day online, it has been named a featured widget by Apple.com!

So what is it? The Harry Potter Quote Conjurer is a diversion – it randomizes quotes from the Harry Potter series (from a database of thousands, pulled by Leaky Editor Extraordinaire Julie Tynion), and places them alongside vivid illustrations (designed by our lovely and oh-so-talented designer Heather Campbell) of the characters with whom they’re associated. You can set the conjurer to update at a set interval of time, or refresh it by clicking onthe character portrait. If you click the quote, the conjurer will whisk you away to the related page on our partner, The Harry Potter Lexicon. It’s simple fun that uses the books to remind anyone why they’re a fan (personally, I can’t stop refreshing it. It’s addictive).

The conjurer will continue to be updated with thousands more quotes and even more wonderful images and features, as time goes on.

How do you get it?

Mac OSX (Dashboard): Download (1.2 MB), Info

For Windows and Mac on Yahoo! Widgets (formerly Konfabulator; works on Mac and Windows with the Yahoo! Widgets software): Download, 1.2 MB, Info (and only with the name “Melissa Anelli” on it because several attempt to get them to change Leaky’s account name have been unsuccessful – I had nothing to do with the creation of this widget, let’s be clear!)

Want more of our widgets? Check out our gallery.

What’s a widget? Read up on Wikipedia.

I also want to personally thank Chris, Heather and Julie, again, for putting such an extraordinary amount of time (months) and effort (thousands of quotes!) into this – it shows, guys. We hope you all enjoy this as much as we do!

14 Responses to Leaky Presents the Harry Potter Quote Conjurer

Avatar Image says: My quote conjurer is stuck on Accio quote. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling it, but it's still stuck. Thanks!Avatar Image says: Mine isn't working either. I also tried reinstalling and it isn't working. Avatar Image says: My Quote Conjurer is not working as well.Avatar Image says: I have been having the same problem as well. I also tried reinstalling it and it didn't fix the problem. Avatar Image says: Mine has the same problem. I too tried reinstalling it. It seems many of them have this problem. I'm no computer expert so I may be totally off - but it may be the version of safari the computer is running on? Because I'm having problems with many of my widgets that require the internet lately ... Avatar Image says: I've been having the same problem and its making me so sad every time i check my widgets there's no harry potter quote :(Avatar Image says: It looks to me like a problem on the server. I took a look at the code for the widget, and tried to load the RSS feed that it gets the quotes from. It is receiving a php source page, rather than the server executing the php and sending actual html/xml.Avatar Image says: 17h2nt3nik3ukwsr Avatar Image says: I'm also stuck! is the widget dead? I loved it!!Avatar Image says: Still dead. Surfing to the link in the settings returns this in both Safari and Firefox: \n"; ?> This feed is for Leaky's use only. Anyone caught using it without our consent will be thrown into our pit of man-eating house-elves. Is this dead in the water?Avatar Imagekingdom says: ehh i have a mac and it won't let me download from apple, it states there's an internal error... i was excited about this =/Avatar Imagelunaisawesome says: poopy. i wanted itAvatar Imagesilvia_storti says: mmm... I tried re-installing it for the n-th time and still it doesn't work, gets stuck on Accio Quote! what's wrong with it???Avatar ImageLoveTomRiddle says: Can't get it for the Mac, Apple says that the thing for download is invalid:( I'd love to annoy my sister (the one who doesn't like HP) with the widget.

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