Richard Griffiths on Uncle Vernon in OotP: “The Shivering Idiot”

Feb 16, 2007

Posted by: SueTLC

Uncategorized has a new interview with actor Richard Griffiths that encompases discussion on his upcoming appearance in the play “Equus” with Dan Radcliffe, as well as working with the young actor in the Harry Potter films. Mr. Griffiths says his the amount of time his character of Uncle Vernon has in the upcoming Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is “fleeting.” He also weighs in on the relationship between Harry and his nasty Uncle Dursley.

Uncle Vernon was absent from the last Harry Potter film — an omission criticized by Radcliffe at the time. But Vernon will be back “fleetingly” in Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix, which arrives in theatres this summer. Griffiths says it’s fascinating how the relationship between Potter and his horrible uncle has evolved and changed over time. At the beginning Harry was oppressed and intimidated by Vernon, and then started gaining more confidence in the second and third film.

“With this fifth movie, Vernon is much more frightened of Harry than vice versa, and as it goes on, you see that it ends up with Harry as the master and Vernon as the shivering idiot, the shivering coward.”

The accomplished stage actor goes on to describe working with Dan Radcliffe in “Equus” and feels the young actor will do a good job with the demanding part in the serious play.

“In the real world of acting, you do the job, and one of the skills you have to learn is whether anybody around you is weak — which Dan Radcliffe is not.”

When he’s working with an inadequate co-star, Griffiths says that like any actor, he must behave responsibly. “You have to make them look better, because that will help you. And that’s something I’m used to doing — helping other people on stage with me to get on. But not with Danny Radcliffe — he’s going to be fine.”

On a related note, a new photo of Dan Radcliffe from Equus has been released which you can see in our galleries. A caution to parents as this photo does contain nudity and may not be suitable for younger children.

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