Harry Potter Trio Featured in Teen Vogue


May 17, 2007

Posted by EdwardTLC

The Harry Potter Trio, Dan Radcliffe (Harry Potter), Rupert Grint (Ron Weasley) and Emma Watson (Hermione Granger), are featured in a new article for the June/July issue of Teen Vogue. In the article each actor speaks of their experience of filming Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and of their lives off set. In the article, Dan Radcliffe says of this upcoming film: “With this one, it’s like everything has come together.”
Rupert Grint also gives says a little in the article of what he likes to do during his time off from filming:

“…I golf a bit,” he says “and I go-cart,” and his dressing room boasts a pool table, a dartboard, and near by, a ping pong table at which he frequently beats the pants off poor Dan. “I was looking forward to Quidditch,” Rupert admits– the fifth book has Ron joining the Gryffindor team, but that subplot was cut from the film– “though any stunt stuff is good to do.”

You can read the entire article, with even more from Dan, Rupert and Emma, here from HPANA.

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Avatar Image says: I love Emma's hair, it's nice to see something different and her dress is fun, but a tad strange. I just love how they excluded Rupert from the cover when it says TRIO! Geez.Avatar Image says: I've seen the pics at www.hpana.com and they are great. Dan and Rupert look adorable. Emma looks nice as well and I like the little toy kitten she's holding in one of the pics. I think I might get this issue. Whsmiths sell Teen Vogue so I'll get it from there. I can't wait to see more new pics of them and read new interviews. Go Dan, Emma and Rupert! You're all great.Avatar Image says: don't forget to mention the absolutely stunning photos, leaky! i'd hate for anyone to miss them. and as for rupert being left out from the cover... not a shocker. while ron and hermione are definitely harry's equals, when it comes to the actors dan and emma have far more starpower.Avatar Image says: Yeah, it seems that Vogue people have a new definition for the word "T.R.I.O", last I checked, it was a group of 3, but how shamefully wrong I was! Cause now Vogue made the new discovery of all times, which is that "T.R.I.O" is actually a group of 2, which can not have any redheads BTW, it seems that redheads can be bad luck, they can not be one of the 2 who compose the "T.R.I.O". Thank you Vogue for letting us know your new discovery. *sigh* Avatar Image says: It appears as though Prince's make up artist was able to fly from Minnesota to make up Emma for these photos, and he brought his 2 suitcases of eye liner with him. Avatar Image says: I saw this on HPANA too. I wish they included Rupert on the cover, but oh well. Rupert's always been overshadowed by Dan and Emma which is such a shame. However, I enjoyed the interviews even if they were not "new" (let's face it, until the movie comes out, they're all going to be repetitive). I also would like to know what they did to Emma's hear. I know it's suppose to be fun but I think it's just weird.Avatar Image says: The last time I checked a trio was made of 3 things/people. Ron and Emma look the same, but Dan looks so different when he is not in the movies. Its like his face formes into different shape or something. Avatar Image says: It's.....it's....It's a SIGN. The '80's....they're coming BACK! Aaaauuuugggghhh!!!!!! *flees*Avatar Image says: I don't like it anymore than others that Rupert is not on the cover with Dan and Emma, but to be fair to Teen Vogue, the cover of their magazine says "Wiz Kids - the stars of Harry Potter work their magic" and while Dan is the star of the movies (he is Harry!), Hollywood likes the idea of a leading lady, hence insert Emma Watson (no surprise since she has graced the cover of Teen Vogue before). And as we all know the movies have changed the billing too - it used to be Dan, Rupert, Emma and I believe it's now Dan, Emma, Rupert. Still, Rupert IS in the issue; although I think the cover is misleading as it makes it seem only Dan and Emma are in the issue. Think of it this way: Rupert's cool enough to have two standalone shots. BUT the trio look great, I understand that people are confused about Emma's hair, but it's just teased up - like the hair on fashion runways - that's all, it's not a big deal. Dan looks so young and clean cut! He looks like he did in POA! Rupert's looking good too. His haircut looks so much better than in GOF.Avatar Image says: Emma looks amazing!Avatar Image says: Emma is so stunning in these pics. She can always be a model if she wants. Although she doesn't seem so concerned about those things. Got to respect her strong opinions about education and a normal life. These are some of the best pics of Rupert. He looks great. Dan's cover pic is really girly. Honestly, he looks like a girl with short hair. I really don't care for that pic. The rest are okay though.Avatar Image says: "And as we all know the movies have changed the billing too - it used to be Dan, Rupert, Emma and I believe it's now Dan, Emma, Rupert." That's not true. Take a look at the poster at the new site and it still has Dan, Rupert and Emma, and what they put on the poster is how it appears in the credits as well.Avatar Image says: wow wow wow...everyone looks so amazing in those photos! Especially Emma! Avatar Image says: Emma's hair looks bushier than I've ever seen it in the movies... It was an interesting article, but I'm not too pleased how more emphasis was placed on Emma rather than Rupert. They really should be equals, as much of you have said. I think Daniel looks better with short hair. He looks more distinguised and less... Stragly teen. The long hair look isn't great for a star, I don't think, it made him look like a girl. (I'm not trying to offend anyone, it's just my opinion. :))Avatar Image says: They all look amazing. They've grown up into beautiful adults.Avatar Image says: someone mentioned that Emma has more "starpower" than Rupert. I think it's because right now she's the only central teen female...but with Bonnie and Evanna as Luna and Ginny coming forward more she will be losing her "only girl in a boy's world" status. Rupert and Dan are the only ones who have continued working. They've made the effort to secure work and do more. I don't see Emma's career taking off after DH. But Rupe and Dan have shown themselves to be talented fellows.Avatar Image says: I'm glad Rupert isn't on the cover. His ginger monkey head would have only distract attention away from Emma's beauty. It's just a pity that the cat obscures a view of her love-puddings.Avatar Image says: Well...atleast they managed to include rupert at all...which is a step up from some magazines. Still...it just baffles me to no end why they could not include him on the cover. I mean, if ure gonna interview the guy and include him in the inside pics, why not advertize it outside? Ive seen magazines with four ppl on the cover back when the OC was big. I mean, they couldve even done the little folded cover and put him there if they had to. But to exclude him all together? Its just kinda insulting. Normally i dont nitpick about these things, but i find it kind of ridiculous. I mean, i like dan and emma as well, but either put just dan on the cover, or all three. That makes the most sense. You know, we should write those letters to teen vogue, the ones from readers that they normally publish in the next issue, and make our point. All that aside though, im really pumped for at least 1 trio pic - theyre my fav. Hopefully we'll be getting future outtakes so we can have more!!!Avatar Image says: They all look great, I really like the cover, but people shouldn't care so much about the pics and actually everyone should read the article because it's great. I love how it shows they are normal teens, how they tease each other and how they are very good friends. It's hilarious when the writer describes how Dan and Emma are gplaying between takes and Dan says to Emma: "I couldn't, it's made of rubber" LOL I adore this boy. I'm sure he is the one who told the interviewer that he lost playing ping pong because he said in the GoF DVD how Emma wins when they play with the PlayStation. :D Peanut Butter Spread, I think you are thinking about it too much, people in the magazine just want to sell so they make a cover with the ones who sell more at the moment. There is not need to make a deal of it. :S Edward has not posted quotes of all of them and you don't criticize him. ;)Avatar Image says: It's really no big deal that Emma and Dan are on the cover. It's simple visual logic: They are two of the most beautiful kids in Britain. Stunningly so....Pics like that attract attention and sell magazines, duh........... Can you imagine if these two did a teen romance movie together? Talk about a ready-made audience.....Avatar Image says: I don't really see Dan doing a teen romance movie at all, let alone with Emma. Avatar Image says: All glamour shoot/promotion/advertising/marketing/tie-in pictures are always retouched or treated in some way. It's the nature of the business; nothing really unusual there. If it bothers you, turn off the TV and internet and don't read magazines. If there wasn't any retouching, everyone involved would be putting their jobs at risk, and of course there would be a flood of comments about how awful the actors look. In addition to the ones that always seem to come up, that is.Avatar Image says: Dan looks like Number Six in that group photo. And what's with the Slytherin number on the cover???Avatar Image says: They all look really nice. I'm not agreeing or disagreeing with the fact that Rupert was not included on the cover, for there are reasons to put him on the cover and to keep him off of it. 1Avatar Image says: Dare I say these three are looking quite fine--it's so refreshing to see them placed in an artsy world other than hogwarts. I don't think it's bad that dan & emma are on the cover, they look very grown up and beautiful, although there are times when I'd like to see a photo like that of just rupert & emma (can you tell I'm a ron/hermione fan?). = )Avatar Image says: Me likey Emma!Avatar Image says: sooo exciting to see the kids looking glamarous and, dare i say it?, a bit sexy in this magazine spread (hey, they're all basically legal now anyway...) gorgeous photos. and yes, the article was good too!Avatar Image says: Emma should TOTALLY do some modeling. OMG. I was speechless when I saw her! She's GORGEOUS! (Not that I didn't think that she was already, but WOW)Avatar Image says: Kim: Hehe, your friend got it better than mine, he said "look at HP girl with her "Girl"friend. LOL! Lucas: They ask him, and he relpys "honestly". It's not like he starts a speech on his own saying that he's not glad they cut the most important thing that his character did in this book ;)Avatar Image says: @ Lucas Has it ever occurred to you that the reason Rupert says the same thing all the time it’s because he gets asked the same questions all the time? At least the guy's consistent…Avatar Image says: Ermynee, he gets asked about the movie, like the rest of them, but it seems that's the only thing he can say about it... Consistent or not, it's repetitive and boring. One person can be honest without being like that. Jack, all the characters have good scenes in the book that were cut, I'm sure they all are very sorry about it, it's senseless to be complaining about it in every interview. For example it would be better to talk about what actually is in the movie, how was to film it etcAvatar Image says: Packman, it's awful to say but yeah, I agree. Dan does look a bit....(I'll be kind and say nothing.)I'm a huge Dan fan girl but that picture is awful of him. Emma is gorgeous!!!! She should model. Thats the kind of pictures Emma should have taken of her, not fake boobjobs by a perve from IMax. Rupert was never my cup of tea when it came to looks but I must say he is deffinatly getting cuter! I love his sense of style. All in all, they have all turned into quite beautiful teenagers, all different in their own right.Avatar Image says: It's.....it's....It's a SIGN. The '80's....they're coming BACK! Aaaauuuugggghhh!!!!!! *flees* Posted by Hedwig June on May 17, 2007 at 2:36 PM Pleeeeeeeeaaaaseeeeee...take me with you "clings to Hedwigs legs" Avatar Image says: "And as we all know the movies have changed the billing too - it used to be Dan, Rupert, Emma and I believe it's now Dan, Emma, Rupert." Rupert is ahead of Emma in the 'Rebellion Begins' posterAvatar Image says: Just having D+E (and only their names!) on the cover. That's misleading. Nice article though. I like the description of Rupert as a man of 'few words'. He's shy but still comes off as cool. I agree Dan looks a bit girly on the cover. But it's because of the REALLY wierd clothes he's been made to wear :0o! (He dresses quite cool usually). The blazer image I like but at first I thought he was wearing his actual school uniform! I like the armchair one and I like the fact he's still wearing his really tatty shoes (a rebellion against the clothes? :oD) Rupert carries the clothes off better, but then I think he's been a bit luckier than Dan with the ones he's been made to wear! Emma looks glam as usual. Avatar Image says: LOL, all those expensive clothes on the guys and they wear worn out trainers! Couldn't the editors have PhotoShopped better footwear?Avatar Image says: NO, the footwear's the best part of the clothes IMO :oDAvatar Image says: Cinderella, I see you are a fan of him, so sorry but I think you are too biased. My point is not that the character has been treated well or not, my point is that it's the same for all the characters. I think the problem is you are so obsessed with one character you don't realize there are other characters that 'suffer' too, even so important characters like Voldemort or Harry. I understand it, they are movie adaptations, and I'm not complaining about that. The actors just do the best they can, and to complain so much is senseless, that's my opinion, and what I don't understand is why I can not state it without obsessed Rupert fans jumping on my neck. Respect different opinions.Avatar Image says: Wow, I actually like it. I mean, it's reminiscent of the 60's and they all look awesome. :) Is he the first male to appear on the cover? Emma's on the cover a second time now!Avatar Image says: Emma looks like a hooker. WTH did they do to her? Dan's cover shot makes him look kind of effiminate. Thank goodness for the other ones.Avatar Image says: *sigh* How many times should I repeat my HP story? Lucas, no, "biased" has nothing really to do with it. I watched all 4 films before reading any of the books, before I became an HP fan or Rupert fan or anything fan. I watched the 4 films for the first time the same month that GoF was released. Then read the books a couple of momths later. And guess what? The only character that I got "shocked" at how different it's from the films, is Ron! I actually discovered that it's Ron who's Harry's fave friend not hermy like the films make it. I found out he's way more than just the scared comic relief that the films make him. Yes, all characters have changes here and there, but the shock came from Ron! Which is saying something. I didn't become a Rupert fan untill very later, when I joined the online fandome months after I read the books, which happend to be a time that Rupert in specific was getting bashed like crazy, so, out of curiosity I tried to learn more about him to see why he was bashed so much like that, and I actually became a fan through the process of that learning! So, yeah, it has nothing to do with being "biased". :)Avatar Image says: Phoenixquills: If you look closely at Dan's shoes, I think those are actually new. Or new-ish. I think they're made to look ragged around the edges. I've seen shoes very similar to those in the shops recently. As for Rupert's...yeah, they look like his own. But Converse All Stars just aren't really cool until they've been worn in! LOLAvatar Image says: Rupert is probably before Emma because they are billed equaly, but G comes before W in the alphabet.Avatar Image says: Yeah, not a big fan of Emma's pictures. I don't like what they did to her hair for the pictures. The only Dan picture I find amazing is the one with him on the armchair. He looks handsome in that one, but still looks very boyish like in the others. Now Rupert's pictures, I think they came out incredible. He's become a very handsome young man, like Dan. It's a shame that he wasn't included in the cover, no matter how popular Dan or Emma are. Like someone said in another post, either have the Trio or just Dan. About the whole "Rupert can't stop complaining about not having his quidditch scenes" thing, the only reason his interviews are repetitive is because that's the only thing reporters seem to be asking him. It's not really his fault that's what everyone seems to be interested in, he's just answering the questions that are being thrown at him. It happens all the time to celebrities, when all their interviews seem repetive because of the same questions they are being asked over and over. For instance, when the show Heroes became popular, all the cast members kept getting asked was, "What power would you like to have?". It got to the point that one of the actors, can't remember who, said "The power to make people stopping asking me that question." So, I wouldn't say that Rupert won't stop complaining, he is in a way disappointed that it wasn't included, but then he always goes on to say that he very much enjoyed doing other stunts. Anyways, I love the fact that the guys are wearing the raggedy converse...I think that's the best way to wear Chucks. I'm always messing up any brand new pair because I can't stand them looking so nice and clean. Avatar Image says: Analia: I agree with everything you've just said, especially that it should be either the trio on the cover or just Dan. And btw, I love your name.Avatar Image says: Oooh, everyone looks so good. These are the hottest teens on the planet. No competition. Rupert, Dan and Emma are so goodlooking. Go Harry Potter.Avatar Image says: EMMA looks gorgeous!!! i really like her hair- i think in one of her pictures(where she is sitting in the chair) her hair looks exactly how hermiones hair should be... well...thats my opionion..... but still beautiful!!!! dan,emma and rupert ROCK!!!!Avatar Image says: Dan looks like a girl. That posh style just does not suit him. Rupert looks fab. Absolutely amazing. He can pull off anything and his growing sexiness continues to amaze me to no end. Emma is glam and I like that. Her hair is fantastic and it makes her look older as well as define her facial features. I agree that Rupert should have been on the cover, its not that hard of thing to do. They seem to think that D/E will sell more magazines when I think a Trio shot or hell one of just R/E would sell just as well. These people arent thinking their decisions through thouroghly. It isnt the Trio without Rupert and on the cover...they left out Rupert. Emma and Rupert look far better together than any two people Ive seen so saying that they chose the 'two prettiest' is such a lie. A bit of contrast in appearance is far sexier and more appealing to be honest. I am pleased with this as a whole though. They all look sophisticated and they all have amazing chemistry together as a Trio, which is what really matters in the end.Avatar Image says: I agree that it's wrong not to put the trio on the cover but must we drag Ron into this. Please, WB, please make Ron/Rupert the star of the show, make him connon, good and brave, do the R/Hr proper and right. Promote him well. Please do everything to make sure that Ron/Rupert fans are happy...Please all the magazines and blogs and whatnot thingy, please put Ron/Rupert on the covers and run special features on him. Give us nice interviews and pics, please do anything to make Ron/Rupert fans happy... So that they will leave Harry/Dan and Hermione/Emma alone, so that those two poor kids will no longer be blamed for things that are not their fault and beyond their control, so that we can move on to other comments the next time anything concerning the trio come along. Thank you. This is not sarcasm, I mean it sincerely. Ron/Rupert should have his dues and we are tired of hearing same old same old. As a Dan fans I don't mind less spotlight shining on him, he has given me so much already. Avatar Image says: do you want to know what makes me mad? i just unsubscibed to teen vogue last week! ugh oh well i'll read it in the store :DAvatar Image says: They didn't just give one of Ron's lines to Hermione in the movies. Posted by Ermynee on May 17, 2007 at 4:43 PM I understand this frustration, but this is an age old debate now and I think it's time to give it up. Harry's lines have gone to Ron and Hermione. Ron's lines have gone to Hermione. Dumbledore's lines have gone to Hermione. People, it's not gonaa change anything by complaining. It's just a way of getting information into the films. Avatar Image says: What a gorgeous cover, that's a very good shot they used. I imagine Emma will have a lot more covers in her lifetime.Avatar Image says: I like the pictures a lot. It's a Teen *Vogue* photoshoot, so of course they are going to dress them up like models. The hairdo that Emma has is something that they often do to models. It's a fashion thing, it's not supposed to look realistic. I'm not a big fan of her dress in the picture of her alone, but I think she looks very pretty besides that. I *love* her shoes in the first picture of Dan (other than the cover), you can see them to the right. Dan looks a little weird on the cover. He looks very thin and young. But he looks handsome in the spread. Rupert looks great. They have him in more of a fashion grunge style, whereas they gave Dan a more preppy style. Maybe the hairdresser is a book fan and wanted to give Emma a Hermione hairdo :). Seriously, that's what Hermione's hair should look like. As for Rupert not being on the cover, I would've preferred it if he was. However, I'm not surprised that he's not. Dan and Emma have more popularity (with the general public) and they did a lot more publicity than Rupert for GOF, so the magazine editors would want to emphasize them to sell the magazine. I'm not saying it's right but that is probably the reason. I wish people would not argue over Rupert's media exposure compared to the others. The magazine doesn't care how the books portray characters, they care how well their magazines sell. Must we argue about how Ron's character is destroyed in the movies after *every* picture or article comes out. Rupert has the same amount of pictures in this magazine as Dan and Emma, he's just not on the cover. I think Ron's character is not being done justice, but neither is Hermione's or Dumbledore's. His character portrayal has *nothing* to do with marketing, so why is everyone arguing about it? It's just a magazine article, it's not the movie, it's not even pictures of the characters, it's the actors. I liked the interviews too, not too much new information but nice nonetheless. Avatar Image says: Am I the only one to notice this: that picture of Dan on the cover looks really fruity. Almost like a picture of Will and Grace or Rupert Everett and Julia Roberts in that movie. Am I the only one that sees this? Do you think they were going for that look?Avatar Image says: Great pictures but Dan's cover photo looks sooooooooooo airbrushedAvatar Image says: How was what I said against Dan. I do think the cover would have been more appealing if it had been the Trio in an interesting position. I'm honestly curious about that gay demographic thing as well based on the picture they chose. It wasn't an idle question. Another theory on the picture is that Vogue was most interested in Emma (maybe she fits more with their demographic) and they chose the picture that was the best of her because she looks gorgeous on it while on the inside cover look picture that included Dan and Rupert she wasn't as attractive. It's hard to critique without sounding like you're dissing but you have to admit how the picture of Dan on the cover looks. I know I'm not the only one that sees it so I didn't think it would be a weird thing to say for you to jump up on it. Everywhere I go where they're discussing the picture it's mentioned quite frequently. I'm sorry it's the first time you've heard it. I'm guessing you don't see it? My sister just thinks he looks like 12 and not effeminate and I've heard that it looks sexy so there are different opinions out there.Avatar Image says: Dan is so very effeminate. I can't believe Rupert is 19! I had no idea.Avatar Image says: Rupert still has 3 months till he's 19. his b-day is August 24th :) But he does look younger, like he's only 16 :)Avatar Image says: The guys are looking good. Except for Dan's cover photo...although, I love the one with him in the armchair. Okay, when I was 17 I know I didn't speak with that kind of vocabulary! I guess American education isn't as good as many seemed to believe. These kids(the trio and the some of the other young cast members) have always had great vocabulary. Memo, you're right, Rup does like 16. I'm in the same boat as him though. I'm going to be 20 in a few months and I have people mistake me for a 15 year old. I guess our generation just keep looking younger than they really are. Avatar Image says: Chris, No,yours is not the first remark I read. It was discussed on Dan fansites as well with different opinions. I have no issue with people saying that Dan looks girly or effeminate because I know what else he can look when he chooses to or when it is required of him. It's the insinuation that the magazine might have chosen this picture because they think Dan's image will attract gay viewer that I find offensive. I have a right to feel that just as much as you have a right to think and say it, don't I? And please, the explanation that they might have chosen that picture because Emma is so beautiful that she will attract the gay demographic is laughable. You don't really believe that yourself, do you?Avatar Image says: Isn't Teen Vogue one of the small sized magazines, not one of the normal sized magazines? I think that's why they didn't put Rupert on, because they wanted to show what the kids were wearing and not just their heads, which probably would have happened had they shown all three. I bet when we see the outtakes, that it would show all 3 in that pic, but that Rupert had been cut out. You can barely make out what Emma is wearing and this is a teen fashion magazine first and foremost. Of course, this is why Emma is on the cover and Dan, well, he's the star and a darned good looking one! Regarding the cover , yeah, the magazine editors don't care about the movie, but the sales of that particular magazine. I would be interested in knowing how well it sells compared to other isssues. Also they are the ones that choose and cut the cover, as well as choose the outfits the stars/models are wearing. Did some people not see The Devil Wears Prada? As for Dan, I too find it fascinating that he looks different with every photoshoot. This one does flash back to POA times- he looks simply so handsome. I think he carries off what he is wearing with great aplomb. You look at any ad in a fashion magazine, and Dan fits right in, especially with what he is wearing. I think J timberlake wore a similar looking outfit to the one Dan's wearing. It's the brit thing, the big cities see high fashion before us provincial gits do. As for the interview, yeah, he is certainly representative of the fact that Brits use more vocabulary than Americans. I have to say that Rupert is not, he famously does not speak much at all. Remember even for movie 2 or 3, he made Emma do a telephone interview with him lol. Doesn't anyone see a resemblance to Nicole Kidman with Emma? She finally has "Hermione hair" and people are complaining lol. Regarding major character assassination-hello Snape, Dumbledore and Mrs Weasley.Avatar Image says: dan and rupert are so yummy :] i want them! bahahAvatar Image says: I, too, was dissapointed Rupert was not on the cover. I guess I will have to learn to live with it. The interviews were really cute. I found Dan's comment about the crush's that everyone had really funny. Rupert is so cute in his interviews. It is probably really difficult for the innterviewer to drag anything out of him. I wonder why he is so tight-lipped. Is he shy or is he worried about saying the wrong thing? Does he just not like interviews? I wish an interviewer would ask him that question! I'd love to hear Rupert's response. Nice article overall. The trio clean up nicely!Avatar Image says: Hi I´m new at the comments post, but I totally agree with everybody regardin the cover, I think Rupert should be on the cover, it´s really not fair they used to be 3 main cast but apparently that has changed, and the 3 of them are wonderful!! but if the magazine decided to pick only two for the cover just because they think they look good together or to sell clothes or whatever you call it it´s really not fair if they wanted that, why didn´t just do it with Emma and Daniel, I think this is definitely getting out of hand they are actors and the three of them has a strong database then why on earth don´t they include the 3 main cast and left rupert out!!!!! I honestly this will make me love Rupert even more I mean look at this awesome guy he doesn´t even complain he is left out in every single photo while Emma & Dan are next to each other in every take!! I don´t really care that much if they are next to eack other but please do a normal photoshoot like they used to, when the trio looked really happy to be together in the same room and having fun at a photoshoot!!!!Avatar Image says: " It's really no big deal that Emma and Dan are on the cover. It's simple visual logic: They are two of the most beautiful kids in Britain. Stunningly so....Pics like that attract" I have to agree with this statement, sorry to say this but Rupert is not an attractive guy, he looks more like the guy next door, nothing impressive him, he's cute but not gorgeous looking like Dan and Emma and the people form Vogue realize that this is the case. Avatar Image says: Dan and Emma making out would be like my friends Marge and Trey making out....they're siblings....ewwww. They have good brother/sister chemistry. Not romantic.Avatar Image says: Oh dear! Rupert is definitely looking soooooooooooooooo good in those pics! He's the real discovery in that photoshoot, I never thought much about him before, but now... WOW! It's getting hot here! ;D Good thing he's legal, lolAvatar Image says: It is kind of funny that there are only 38 votes and more than 100 comments mmmm I think there are a lot of Rupert fans repeating their insecurity with different names. Don't kill me please lolAvatar Image says: Kit_weasley, Dan and Emma aren't actually brother and sister. Not in the movies, and not in real life. So it's not "ewww" to all of us. The "eww" thing, funnily enough, is going to be all the photoshopping from R/e shippers or RHr shippers of Rupert and Emma together from these shots when it's actually Dan and Emma who have been posed together lol. Incidentally, DR.co.uk has another photo of the trio showing this exact same thing. Going by the premiere pictures from POA, I'd say that Dan and Emma looked like they fancied each other like crazy and if you read the comments from that time, just about everybody could see it. The boards went crazy.Avatar Image says: Have to say, I LOVED Emma's dress on her 2005 cover, which I own (I can't wait to get this one!!). Seen in full, it's an absolutely beautiful Marc Jacobs dress. Though in the one picture, she looks pretty, but it's where she's holding the cat and looking to her left... I thought she was wearing a furry sort of Russian snow hat when I realized it was her hair! :/ lol I think that's the only picture where it looks.. not like her hair. But I really like the photographs. Really cool!!Avatar Image says: Woo hoo! I don't know why people are arguing about. O.K, Rupert should be on the cover too but nonetheless, these pictures rock big time! Squeeeeeeeeeeee! Dan is beautiful, Emma is even more beautiful and Rupert is very cool. I don't care if people said Dan looks sissy, gay elfin or whatever, for me he is simply sweet, like he was during POA. I was a bit worried during the Equus binge, he looked so much older and too broody for my liking. So, I am glad to have my sweet Dan back. Dan and Emma together, die!, two sweetest persons in the world. Rupert is sure hot although he still does nothing to me. His fan can have all his hotness. And the new picture of the trio-the cover look one-, wow!. Now, I have two great shoots of sweet Dan and Emma and I don't even have to do the manip for it. Thank Teen Vogue.Avatar Image says: Why does Emma look like she's got a bird's nest on her head?Avatar Image says: maybe rupert didnt want to be on the cover?Avatar Image says: dan appear very very charismatic and cute. emma hair' look like hermione in books.but she is beautiful. sorry but I dont like rupert.I think not handsome or cool.and he isnt developing act.since first movie act always similar. Avatar Image says: I'm sorry, bit if you're shy, the consequence is being ignored, that's a fact isn't it? and I'm not bashing Rupert, (I'm not interested in him to be honest), but the way the Rupert fans keep whinging just gets on my nerves, anyway Daniel gets waaay more abuse than Rupert ever does so just be happy that he's liked more, I say. I actually think Rupert's quite smart, by staying in the background, less is more, (if you know what I mean), so he's getting all the sympathy, not such a bad thing IMO.Avatar Image says: "Like so many people pointed out. Give Ron/Rupert his rightful palce as an equal part of the trio, in both the films and the promo, and then let's see if he'd sell any less. Savvy? :) " They did. From what I remember he had as much exposure (apart from Dan maybe) as anyone in the first two films. In fact he had ample more screentime then Emma in number 2. The fact was the critics and the media loved Emma, still do. Dan has to be there cause he is "Harry Potter". But Rupert didn't get the reviews, not bad ones of course most people liked him ( i loved him, he was hilarious!), but not "OMG THEY'RE AMAZING!" ones that Emma got. So thats why WB have pushed Emma and Dan... Don't get me wrong, i'm not a rupert hater at all, the complete opposite actually. I think he's just as good if not better than the others. I love Emma too, think she's brilliant. Dan can be wooden sometimes, but he gets the job well done. But i'm just sick to death of the constant whinging from something thats soooooo old. Avatar Image says: Hmmmmm...Why is it that every time I look at Emma´s hair. I´m expecting a bird land there?????????????Avatar Image says: I savvy that had Rupert looked as good as say, people think Orlando Bloom (one of the sidekicks in Lord of the Rings) or any of the "hot" guys in tv roles are, he would have nabbed his own covers and more roles and press, regardless of how big or little his role in HP was. That's how stars are born. There are guys in the History Boys plays who have been plucked aside from the rest and gotten more roles and attention, yet the others had just as good reviews, etc. So no, i don't think a R/E cover would have sold as much as D/E or E alone. And watch, she WILL have her own cover this summer. Incidentally, Killy, it WAS rupert fans telling us all that Rupert's DL would put him on the map, etc.etc. You just have to read their comments from that period. As a H/HR shipper, I like my delusions. They're always in colour or black and white and sometimes in moving film. NO photoshopping required rofl! Did anyone else notice that the fashion team put Dan in what looks like a see through white dress shirt? I hope they show him without that sweater in the behind the scenes thing.:D Isn't Hermione's hair sort of crazy and weird and unatural anyways? Being uncontrollable, or whatever. I say this is the perfect hair for Hermione. It reminds me of Hermione's hair in the first movie.Avatar Image says: People who refer to the movies always say Dan, Emma and Rupert, but the billing will always write Dan, Rupert, and Emma, because obviously Rupert gets paid more. He's a better actor, as said by plenty of movie critics, and he's had other parts. This was a nice shoot, but I really hoped Rupert would be on the cover. Afterall, Emma's only there because she's pretty. She didn't get in on talent. Avatar Image says: Lovely pictures, the trio look so mature there. Rupert looks handsome and YES, HE SHOULD HAVE MADE THE FRONT COVER TOO but let's not make a big deal about it, because it's not Dan and Emma's fault and Rupert probably doesn't mind. Emma has got that Russell Brand, Amy Winehouse, Helena Bonham Carter birds nest hair-do going on there lol, but for a Bohemian shoot like this it probably fits in with the theme. That little white kitten she's holding is so cute. Avatar Image says: burningpumpkins - either you've got jealousy issues or your under 12. Both your statements below are untrue: "...Emma, because obviously Rupert gets paid more. He's a better actor, as said by plenty of movie critics..." "Emma's only there because she's pretty. She didn't get in on talent."Avatar Image says: While I hate to break up the argument and the conspiracy theories (because it's very silly, and you're all funny), I would like to say this: Rupert and Emma are billed in that order, because... drum roll... their surnames are placed in alphabetical order. It's nothing to do with how good they are or who earns more money. Stop making it into more than it is.Avatar Image says: Just wanted to point out that there's an extra Teen Vogue picture of the Trio (seen on danradcliffe.co.uk), with Dan in the same hideous jumper as the cover but looking better. Emma in a very nice different dress. Rupert in the same outfit as the last of his pictures looking cool. Avatar Image says: "Rupert and Emma are billed in that order, because... drum roll... their surnames are placed in alphabetical order. " if this is a joke, then very funny. lol. But if it's not then may I point out that billing does have something to do with star value and market value of an actor. Just check out the posters of other movies in Hollywood. Sad as it is for Rupert fans to accept, Emma does have higher star and market value than Rupert. Rupert is big here in the POtter world but once you step out of the Potterverse, it's Dan and Emma who are making trailblazes in the world arena and Rupert is uh, not. His DL didn't make first base, both commercially and and artisticaly. It's as if the Teenvogue reporter didn't even know Rupe did a movie outside of HP. The other two were asked about their outside projects but all they could ask of Rupert was still HP. Maybe it's bad taste for Teenvogue to exclude Rupert from the cover but,hey, it's their magazine. They want to sell the mag and the clothes and they must feel that Dan and Emma will help them do that. As to the reason why Rupe is being overshadowed by Dan and Emma, especialy Emma who is supposed to be a secondary cast like him, well, we can blame many people - WB and the scriptwriter and the director and all the elves at Hogwarts. But we also have to consider the fact that personality wise, Rupert is not as charismatic as Emma. His looks and actions in interviews and in public apearances just don't spell in demand actor and celebrity.Avatar Image says: I agree with you Jasmine. As for the new pic (http://www.danradcliffe.co.uk/teen_vogue_0607_3.jpg) Dan looks so hot in it. He looks so young though! I can't help but reminded of the POA days, his hair's even messy in the photo too. I'm rushing out to buy this new issue of course ^^Avatar Image says: "DL was just a little feel-good film, with no the controversy that make indies catch the eye, so, really, it can't be used as a star launching film! I thought it was pretty obvious already, but plainly some people need to be told." Indie films don't need to be controversial to be successful they just need to be good. DL wasn't good, it was a flop - it only made $800,000 world wide. People aren't interested in watching the Ginger Gibbon outside of Harry Potter. Now if it had been Emma staring in it with her mouth-watering love-puddings, the producers would have been swimming in cash. Their loss.Avatar Image says: Thank God there are some sane people on here, Dan is getting the usual abuse on Mugglenet, (although that cover shot doesn't make him look that good if I'm honest, but together with Emma, (who's stunning), it's ok with me. All these Rupert whingers, I'm sorry but if you have virtually no charisma, why do you think you get overlooked? Dan & Emma have charisma, that's what you need when you're trying to sell something, Rupert sits back and lets them do it, so he deserves to be ignored if he doesn't put the work in and put himself out there, thats why Dan & Emma get the attention and the abuse!! Rupert is definately the best actor of the three but he's got to take risks, like Dan has with Equus, and Emma will get through with her stunning looks alone. Fans may love Rupert for his cuteness, and he is, to a certain extent, but you must have some charisma also, and that's where I think Rupert falls down, he's just a bit dull.Avatar Image says: "Fans may love Rupert for his cuteness, and he is, to a certain extent, but you must have some charisma also, and that's where I think Rupert falls down, he's just a bit dull. " Rupert isn't dull, he's shy, and there is a major difference. People who are shy in public can be very charismatic and interesting when they are in a situation where they feel comfortable. Don't condemn someone for shyness, Rupert ,and those of us who are shy, can't help it. Avatar Image says: I agree with Julia. I really like Rupert but there is a very good reason why he isn't popular with the media and it is charisma. He doesn't seem very comfortable with interviews and photoshoots and that's why he isn't emphasized in magazines. Dan and Emma are very well-spoken and very charismatic with the media. Rupert may be that charismatic in real life but he seems really shy and detached during interviews. To be a real star you have to be able to sell yourself, and Dan and Emma do a much better job at it than he does. I think Rupert is a more natural actor than the other two, but they have more star power, which is why they get the cover. It really has very little to do with the actual movies and a lot to do with public persona. Avatar Image says: I agree with you, Gilyweed. I think people should just quit bashing the actors. They've done nothing wrong. I can't go on a fansite message board without seeing at least one negetive comment made about one of the actors. Mugglenet is the worst. I'm not blaming the website itself but some of the comments made on the message boards are just nasty. There's expressing your opinion and there's just being bitchy. And don't get me started on some of the message boards at IMDB. I'm a big fan of all three of them and I think they are becoming great actors. Some people may not agree with me on that, but they have improved dramatically and I can see them having great careers after the Harry Potter series is finished. They're also extremely attractive, which won't hurt their careers. They look fantastic in those pics. I wish I could look half as good as them. Avatar Image says: "Rupert is definately the best actor of the three but he's got to take risks, like Dan has with Equus, and Emma will get through with her stunning looks alone." That is very debateble, so far to this day Dan is the one who has wonderful reviews in a project outside HP, while in Rupert's case he had mixed reviews when he did DL, that right there is a great way to measure talent outside the HP movies, Dan had a great success with Equus in both venues by the critics and box office, Rupert didn't have the same success critics were divided in some like it some didn't and his movie was a flop at the box office. So far the facts shows that Daniel is definately the best actor among the trio.Avatar Image says: wow... I didn't say Emma and Dan were siblings...they've got that chemistry... especially in GOF and interviews...they're always picking on each other like siblings. They've got great friend/sibling chemistry...I don't see them with romantic chemistry. I just don't see them doing a romantic comedy together. I've never gotten the romantic vibe from them and that's fine. I like them playing Harry and Hermione because they give this familial feeling and they're great.Avatar Image says: These actors are young. Wether or not they go on to other projects, be it film or stage they aren't limited to being actors for life. Don't pidgeon-hole them just because they got roles that turned really big "overnight". If all three want to be life time actors then they all have that chance and yes, I believe they all have that possibility. In thirty years time we'll still have to be reminded that "they were in the HP films". Rupert does need to take risks but there's taking risks for the sake of them and then there's calculated risks.Avatar Image says: First the photos are great and very Vougish. All 3 look very good. I loved Dan's classically beautiful looks in PoA. Although it's bit odd now since he is now a young man at 17 but still I would take a classically beautiful face any day :) If I were to give a detached observation from the view point of a person who doesn't feel passionately about any one of the trio.... I would say that amidst the bashing and bitchiness, there is some genuine criticism and harsh truth in a fair number of comments. Dan and Emma do sell themselves well, have more media savvy charisma, are well spoken for, have a bigger clout amongst fans, the studios etc. etc. Rupert does seem to come out very reticent in the interviews and projects a very laid back attitude which necessarily doesn't mean he is boring but it doesn't make him saleable or get people interested in his personality. Hence no cover pic. I was suprised to find him very chirpy (and Dan very shy) in the earliest interviews that they gave. It looks like a total turn around to me and that's what I admire Dan for. The last 2 movies unfortunately didn't help Rupert much since the focus turned out to be on Hermione more than on Ron which was not too far apart from the highlights of books 3 and 4. That's what life is all about. There is only one Head boy/girl in a school and that means choosing one over the others. Success is all about besting your competition. Avatar Image says: The cover is gorgeous. The look and clothes are totally appripriate for the demographic of this magazine. Dan looks gorgeously youthful ,as he IS and Emma looks beautiful. Avatar Image says: So the reasoning here is that Dan and Emma sell but they can't sell if Rupert is included? That's not logical. Three will sell more than 2. Next reasoning is that they like Dan and Emma yet they have Emma looking huge and beautiful and Dan looking all kinds of fruity? The couple thing doesn't work with the picture they used so again, not logical. The only logic is they didn't want to do another purely Emma layout and Dan has become more interesting since dropping his pants. There's a reason why Paris Hilton gets a lot more covers while much more beautiful but relatively boring people like Rachel Weisz, etc. do not.Avatar Image says: I find it interesting that so many blame Rupert Grint for the failure of DL - first of all was it really a failure? Wasn't it basically a small arthouse movie not meant for wide distribution? Secondly, did he also not star alongside Julie Walters and Laura Linney in said movie? Should they as well share some of the blame for this so-called failure? I think the trio all consist of wonderfully talented actors but let's not judge them on the various choices they make. They have to decide for themselves what works for them. Emma got blasted here a while back for saying she wouldn't do a nude scene on stage - well frankly I don't blame her - that's risking a lot and I don't think it's necessary as young as they are. Frankly there are a lot of wonderful roles in theatre and film that a young actor can cut their teeth on - even risky ones that don't necessarily require nudity. In terms of star power - yes I think Daniel Radcliffe does have that - he seems very comfortable in the public eye which I think explains his popularity. Rupert seems quite shy and not so comfortable - not as chatty with the media - I suppose that's why he didn't make the cover. Not to mention that while in the books the trio is important in the movies it usually is one male star and one female star.Avatar Image says: DL was a failure??!! I thought it did relatively well since all the promotion it got came from Harry Potter website and mostly only Rupert fansites. Maybe people thought it was a blockbuster rather than the arthouse film it really was. DL will always be successful to me because it more than adequately showed that Rupert was hot and was very talented. It was hardly shown in any theatres and released on TV relatively quickly yet it still managed to garner over 100 good to excellent reviews for Rupert. However, nothing really interesting to put in an article happened in DL and I think they wanted to discuss the lack of Quidditch more since that has been the most recent uproar.Avatar Image says: Tistytosty, you're not the only one. I find this whole 'argument' to be utterly cringeworthy. Is it going to be like this for every single magazine these three beautiful young people appear in over the next weeks and months? Avatar Image says: "It's really nasty here." Mmm. And it didn't used to be, either. Back in the old days it was lovely. But the old crowd don't post as much as they did :(Avatar Image says: Casey I agree, in fact the reviews for Rupert were all pretty good if I remember (not of the other actors or the story itself though). I don't like people who compare the three or their choices (Slie - btw Equus is a GOOD choice for a 17 year old who wants to really stretch himself). There's always going to be some risk-taking for them, and always it seems, some criticism. For all we know they're all going to end up as theatre actors and none of the movie-goer public will hear of them again, but they could become the next Sir John Gielgud and have theatres names after them in future. But the movie-goers will be saying 'I wonder what happened to them- they never did much after HP did they?'! Ruperts said he'd like to do low-budget stuff. Dan's been described as a 'natural-born theatre actor' because of Equus. Emma might move to something else completely after University. It's their choice and they're none better or worse because of it.Avatar Image says: Am I the only one who finds this arguing actually quite disgusting? Obviously, if you've read all the comments, then no you're not the only one. I've posted a few here myself showing my disappointment but it seems we may be in the minority - people's opinions are polarized over this - they think that being a fan of one of the trio means bashing the others.Avatar Image says: ***"It's really nasty here." Mmm. And it didn't used to be, either. Back in the old days it was lovely. But the old crowd don't post as much as they did :( *** I too hate the fact that there seem to be so many people who see any nice comment about someone other than their "favourite" member of the trio as a betrayal to said favourite. But it is hardly a new thing, unfortunately. It's been happening since the first movie, and I am sure the "comparisons" will continue long after the movies are finished - their careers and lives will always be held up beside the acheivements or failures of the others! Heaven forbid one or two of them choose to further their education rather than rush straight into other roles, or choose to give up acting all together ~ that isn't necessarily a failure, or an indication that they had less or no talent, it is simply a choice. A choice that they get to make for themselves. (and since the choices that people make in their lives is such a key point in the Harry Potter books, the Potter fans should be the ones applauding the fact that these three young actors are able to that.) One of the things I do not understand is why some fans blame the *actors* for the choices and actions of screenwriters, directors, publicists, photographers and editors! Not to mention the people in charge of costumes/clothing, hair and makeup. Face it, they aren't wearing their own clothes, their hair was professionally done for the movies *and* any photo shoots such as this one. The Photographer set up the shots, and someone else chose which ones should be used. How can this be turned into a way to bash different members of the trio? S.Benj, Tistytosty, Star, ...count me in on the 'minority'! (I'm sure there are many others, but those are very close to this post!)Avatar Image says: Tistytosty - agreed. Miss the crowd as well. Must have been scared away somehow, pity that is. I will not be bothered to fight my way through the "who is bestestestest" comments, so forgive me if this question was already potsted/answered. Does anyone know wheather the kids could chose their outfit or whether the fashion people chosed for them? I am not into glamour and media, so I've no idea how much an actor can decide by himself in such an article. Seriously, I like all of the kids, but I really do not like Emma's outfit here. We have discussed so much about the poster, and kids being "enhaced" and such, and now we see a teenie dressed up in what I personally consider quite an adult and glamorous way. For me, it just feels a little wrong. (*thinks* I know I am just entering dangerous terrain here, so before I get hit and bit all around - DISCLAIMER: no bashing intended, just speaking about clothes, not about personalities or any physical attribute of the girls, you understand, do you?)Avatar Image says: I don't usually post here... I'm more of a book fan and don't get all up in the movies and the actors (Except Gary Oldman! But he's been incredible for years!) I hate to see all this arguing. I think the three of them are talented and great. But I have noticed Rupert is getting jilted. I actually like his personality. He's laid back and casual, not so in your face. But Dan and Emma do have great charisma. And thanks to working in a movie theatre I actually got to see Driving Lessons...he was really amazing in it, which is a pity they haven't mentioned it! Dan, however, I have heard is incredible and I think he truly is a star! I see a big future for him. I think it is a little much to say Emma has star power. She is Hermione Granger, I haven't seen her do anything else (I'm not 100% sure if she has or not). Because Rupert is so quiet I want to get to know him more. He's "mysterious" (according to a friend of mine looking over my shoulder). And Dan is really blossoming as an actor. I want to see more of them, Emma needs to pique my interest. I hate seeing her on the cover because she's the leading lady by default. Avatar Image says: I have never gotten Vogue, but these photos make me crazy. They must have been done before rehersals for Equus started so 6 months ago, before Dan's chin hair. I agree with other comments. Dan looks too effeminate. Emma looks like a Jersy girl on acid, and Rupert...well they couldn't even put him on the cover. I won't be adding these to my HP collection.Avatar Image says: One more thing - the constant comments on people's appearance. I recall saying, during the enhanced photo "scandal" that I thought the fans were partial contributors to the whole thing and that there was a fair bit of hypocrisy going on. If you snipe endlessly about them, no wonder actors are enhanced and airbrushed into oblivion.Avatar Image says: By the way, I did not mean to imply that Equus was not a good choice (though I think partially it was chosen because Radcliffe knew it would get a lot of attention) but that there are a lot of roles both in theatre and film that are also challenging for young actors. I think the choices each of the actors make should be respected - it's their lives, their careers, and they're the ones that have to live with those choices. This constant comparison of them is tiresome - they are all unique with different personalities and am sure all will do well with whatever path they pursue. They all seem to have good heads on their shoulders.Avatar Image says: Nothing against the actors, but I wish they were recasted every one or two movies.Avatar Image says: I agree with Julia about Rupert's shortcomings. He's not a very ineteresting person and just doesn't take the effort to even answer in interviews so that the media can write something about him. The Rupert fans have to stop complaining. It's becoming pathetic to see them flood the boards with "Rupert's too hot and sexy" comments when it's plain to see that he looks quite his usual self in these pics. Nothing great in a pose and getup that has been seen so many times over. The least he could have done is hire some stylist and etiquette teacher so he could improve in the ersonality department. If you stop going to school, that doesn't mean you have to stop being educated. And I have to disagree on the talent thing. Rupert is not the best actor among the trio and Emma will not go through just by her stunning looks. It's Dan who leads in the talent department and Emma is a close second. Rupert did take a risk with a non Ron role in Driving lessons but no dice. His acting just didn't shake the world. The Rupert fans also have to take this reality pill cause they keep complaining about his being overlooked in awards. Time to accept the fact that Rupe still has to polish his dramatic skills to be known outside of HP. Avatar Image says: Emma looks like a crack wh0re in those pics. I can just see her strung out on some street corner. WTH, dudes? Oh and I laugh at those that say she has the most talent. It's certainly not like the offers are piling up because what else has she done? She can say one thing, but there's no proof is there? Well I deal in proof! She's the least talented of the kids. That's why they had to change Hermione's character so much. Emma couldn't pull it off. So now she's practically a blonde pinup rather than the brown-bushy-haired girl we all loved in the books. Her talent was so lacking they've had to steal lines from practically every character for her because she couldn't properly act the character and this was the only way to make her interesting. She should have been recast a long time ago.Avatar Image says: Shine, I agree with most of your comment. But have you thought about the facts that Rupert is just like his fans want him to be..Yes I agree that he haven´t shown much dramatic acting outside HP (I believe that DL was a "comedy")...But maybe that´s just not his style..I don´t think that Rupert will ever do some "Equus-style" type of acting...I believe that his area is more "light comedy" I don´t see anything wrong with those "Rupert is hot comments"...I mean isn´t it the same when people are saying "Dan is hot"..."Emma looks amazing"..etc...After all - beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Avatar Image says: No offense to anyone who likes the high fashion stuff, but I just don't get it. I mean the trio could never go out with these clothes on...it's so unrealistic. This is why I don't buy TeenVouge. Well, that aside. I'm a little disappointed that Rupert wasn't on the cover. But he looked nice in the spread (although his hair was kinda weird on the first page with him). Emma looked amazing, even if her hairstyle is unrealistic for day to day. And Dan...or jeez...god bless him for agreeing to wear that sweater. But he looked nice in the suites picutes. I like his hair spikey like that. Avatar Image says: go hary potter Avatar Image says: I agree with Jen1. Starpower is an offscreen thing. It is the reputation that a celebrity has in the entire entertainment world. The most tangible measure of it is the talent fee an actor receives for a project. You don't pay peanuts to A listers, it would be an insult to their worth. Another measure is the kind of projects offered to an actor. Yes, they don't even have to audition, they are courted by big studios to do a project which they think will challenge that actor. Lots of has beens got nothing but just B grade movies. Another measure is the respect you get from your fellow celebrities. That's shown in how you are treated in entertainment events. In one of the big bashes thrown by a major studio last year, Steven Spielberg came in the door and everyone was silent for a while as they watched him. That's about one of the best shows of respect you can get in that business. There are other ways to measure Star power but going just by these three, I'd say it's Dan who's got THE star power among the trio. In terms of talent fee, what teenager today gets $14M per film? In terms of projects, just think Equus. That kind of role is normally offered to adult veterans of the stage. In terms of respect, the AFI awards come to mind. And yah, the bunch of celebrities who go to watch Equus and the praises they heap for Dan. I don't think Emma has this kind of Star power yet. She may be at the top of the search surveys but then, so is Paris Hilton. She's favorite cover girl but is that a measure of Star POwer? I'd say she is just on the same level as Rupert. His star was about to shine realy big with Driving Lessons but the results of that was dissapointing so he's remained on the same footing as Emma. Avatar Image says: Forget about the the obsessive fans. Here is another view pooint. The actors and directors who interact with the trio on a daily basis would now best how to gauge talent and star power with in each of them and that is where Dan comes out the clear winner. Why did Ken Bernaugh choose Dan to do 'the play that I wrote' - a comedy nonetheless - and not Rupert...anyone? Why did Richard choose Dan for Equus? And Ricky Gervais - for Extras? The industry is hungry for talent and if you have it you won't go ignored. Hence DL for Rupert. Having said that I would like to clarify that I personally felt Rupert was doing more justice to Ron's role than what Dan was doing to Harry's role all thru the first 3 movies. Hell I totally dig Tom Felton's smirk and pained expression when they are singing that song in GoF...much more than Dan's 'Caught on , have you?' or 'I didn't put my name in the cup'. But I do see a LOT of promise in Dan ever since Extras .It was as if I were watching a total transformation. And OOTP photos look very promising too. Keeping my fingers crossed. Avatar Image says: "It was hardly shown in any theatres and released on TV relatively quickly yet it still managed to garner over 100 good to excellent reviews for Rupert. However, nothing really interesting to put in an article happened in DL" So there you go. DL is not that much interesting. No excellent reviews, certainly not 100 %. If there was, it would have made some headlines like "Harry's sidekick outclassed the lead" or some such tabloid nonsense. But Rupert's non Ron role didn't spark very much and that's why the reporter couldn't be interested enough to talk about it. It's not artisticaly succdessful - no excellent reviews and acting awards. It's not commercially successful - it didn't even earn half of its 2 million budget. And the "it's just an arthouse film" excuse wouldn't wash. Other indie films made it big. DL was not even a top rater on the TV ratings. Stop making excuses for Rupert's lack of star power that would have earned him a space in the cover of a little magazine called Teen vogue and more interesting questions that would have made it a good interview. The "he's shy" excuse doesn't wash anymore. He wasn't shy in the first two films. After that, Rupe or his managers just want to project a mysterious less talk image which unfortunately is not working well cause he comes off as lacking in acumen rather than mysterious. And BTW, bashing another actor by referring to naked boy Harry doesn't wash either.Avatar Image says: Seems some people are just ignoring what Edward requested [with such good points]and continuing to bash . It would be a shame if Leaky had to cancel their comment board. Let's start respecting everyone here. Please.:o) Avatar Image says: I think that cover hit it right on the right spot. It looks like a little boy with his mommy looking out for him, lol. Honestly, Dan looks too young, and Emma looks so old, old enough to be his mother, lol Which is exactly the exact nature of the relation between Harry and Hermione, lol maybe they were afraid if they put Ron too people would think he was Harry's father, lol, but then again Rupes looks just a teen, so maybe they thought Rupes would look too old for Emma to be his mother, but Dan looks childish enough to be her son, lol :DAvatar Image says: " By the way, I did not mean to imply that Equus was not a good choice (though I think partially it was chosen because Radcliffe knew it would get a lot of attention) but that there are a lot of roles both in theatre and film that are also challenging for young actors. " you're wrong, there are NOT great roles for young actors, there are small roles that won't demand a great acting avility, Alan is the ultimate job for any young actor who LOVEs real acting, and not only Rupert loves to make indy films but Dan was the one who also made an indy film December Boys, and out of the trio Dan is the one who talks about films with passion, he talks about international and indy films, films that are really GOOD films not just some crappy scary movies like I heard Rupert talking about while promoting DL...so please do a bit of homework before you talk about theater.Avatar Image says: Heh, in the Saturday May 10th issue of the Guardian, an article about best guest beds mentions the Cu-bed by Daniel Radcliffe as an expensive but different choice, that will "very probably become a collector's item,too, so it may have investment value". Oh yeah :D . Casey, you're a prime example of rupert fans stirring the pot here and elsewhere. Your sly digs at Dan (naked boy/hp)=bad vs Rupert (shy reserved boy)=virtuous ,etc haven't gone unnoticed. As for your comment about Rupert being hugely popular without even trying so hard, he's only popular because he is in HP. He rarely gets inches in the interviews because he says little and apparently nothing too interesting as he is left out of a lot of interviews. He should consider trying harder, as it is his job. Dan charmed a roomful of journalists at the last premiere while Rupert was on another planet, and going by the postive interviews, charmed quite a few more during the Equus furore, going by the postive articles. It's his job to sell the movies/play whatever, and Dam (and Emma) do it very well. As for Emma's outfits, I loved the glam look. They all looked so different, glamorous and posh! If the clothes looked different, well, I've seen them in normal jeans etc, I WANT to see them in something different. This is one magazine I am buying without hesitation.Avatar Image says: Emma may have been rejected, but i wouldn't be at all suprised if the boys have been as well, we just don't know about it. She also, unlike the boys, is finishing her schooling. So she has much less time than they do to audition and film films as well. In fact she may very well been rejected due to the fact that the films may not have been able to provide the adequete filming schedual to fit her. Thats been reasons for many other actors and actresses as well. Emma does has star power, much more than Rupert, and even Dan for that matter. Dan gets along by his charm and wit, not by his looks. Ruperts problem has everything to do with his persona during interviews and events and so on. Emma has everything down pat for these things. However, star power has nothing to do with acting skills. All three of them are great actors, but star-power is an offscreen thing. Avatar Image says: I just want to know more about these crushes they all had on each other. Does that extend to more minor characters? Hmm. We all know that you don't just stop having a crush on someone. It may diminish over time, but there is always a bit of that "i like you" residue left over. Anyway, I was very upset to see Rupert not on the cover, but I take solace in the fact that Rupert will likely have many solo covers when his career picks up after HP. "Driving Lessons" anyone?Avatar Image says: Blimey! I thought it was getting quite nasty yesterday but I go to sleep and look what happens!! 100 more, and even uglier, posts than before! And just because one person didn't make the cover! Now I understand people being upset at the apparent slight. What I really can't understand is people using it to play one off against the other with rubbish about 'star' power and snide remarks about their various career choices. They're all at the START of their careers. They are doing their best to branch out, if they want to. If they want to play it slow and finish their educaton, let them; if they want to take risks, let them; if they want to do a low budget film, let them. It's all experience under their belts at the end of the day. Last thing they want is so-called HP fans on their backs because their choices are inappropriate, not big enough, not different enough, TOO different... We're supposed to be the ones supporting them!Avatar Image says: for example orlando bloom and keira swann are couple in Potc.but depp and keira so foreground because star johnny depp. I agree anne.star harry potter.ron and hermione co-stars.I guess people forget this one Avatar Image says: Hey Guys, Let's all step back here for a minute. I would please ask you all to refer back to the TLC Comments Terms of Use: http://www.the-leaky-cauldron.org/#static:commentstou For a refresher on the kind of environment that we want to create here. We understand you all want to express your opinion, and we want you to do so, but it has to be expressed in a respectful way. Please, please, please no personal attacks against any other person commenting here and that goes the same for the cast and crew of the Harry Potter films. They have not earned nor deserve it. I do not feel as if it contributes to the discussion as well as being simply, not the right thing to do. I apologize that we have let this all go a bit too far. Please remember the spirit of Hogwarts, of community and of friends we've gotten from these books. They are the reason we are all here to begin with. Let's be respectful, okay? Thank you all so much! Edward :)Avatar Image says: "So, really, Dan's & Emma's fans need to come down from their high clouds. Dan & Emma are only popular inside the HP fandom, and let's not forget that they're the ones who are promoted preperly anyway. " I won't talk about Emma, but as for Dan, I think you are the only one who needs to come down from your high clouds, out of the trio Dan is the only who is known as Daniel and not only Harry, after his great success in Equus the media is writing more Daniel (his name) than Harry or the boy from the Harry Potter movies. He had a lot of exposure for doing something that has nothing to do with the HP fandom and thanks to that risky move he is the only one from the trio who’s star power is getting bigger for who he is as an actor, he's having great actors going to watch Equus and that right there tells more how big this kid is going to be after the HP movies are done, he has DB release in Sept and my Boy Jack soon after plus God knows how many more projects he's getting next year, I hope the rumors about him coming to NY for a Broadway production of Equus will come true...by the way there were many Broadway producers wanting to get this play in NY, that is another proof that Daniel is huge for who he is as an actor, a very talented and nice down to earth guy... oh just so you know Equus is having full house every day, meaning that not only HP fans are going to watch Dan but also regular theater lover, and because of the great cast this production is in the top of the UK theater production in profits wise and of course a critically acclaim production. On the other hand we cannot say the same thing about Rupert, he is popular among the HP fans as Dan and Emma are, but he is NOT outside this fandom, proof enough was the flop of DL and even as a small Indy film it didn't get any recognition on awards, what stars attended to his DL premier…I guess just the HP kids and of course 100 or so Rupert fans that welcome him at the entrance of the theater.Avatar Image says: My dear girl, normal people in the streets, normal people who go to the movies, would know very little about Equus or any theater productions actually, and I'm saying that about UK people! Only people in the US who know about Equus, are online HP hardcore fans, and some critics. Now try to imagine what normal people all around the world know! So, no dear, most of the masses still only know him as the HP kid. he may have proved himself as a theater actor to the critics, but he didn't do anything to get himself any more popular with the normal non-HP masses of people. Also, I don't know much about DL, but I know that in terms of normal small indies it wasn't a flop. The film itself didn't have any controversy, and I already said that none of the HP kids are big outside of HP hardcore circle, and Julie isn't that big in the US either, so really, it did normally for any small indie film without controversy and without any HUGE star power.Avatar Image says: I'm sure I'm taking this a bit out of context, but "Only people in the US who know about Equus, are online HP hardcore fans, and some critics?" Honestly, I had read Equus long before Harry Potter was even written, or Dan Radcliffe was even born. Unless of course you mean his particular production, in which case yeah, I agree. It wouldn't have even been in the papers here without Dan. I wonder if that's true though, that only die-hard Harry Potter fans know Dan Radcliffe's name.... At any rate, fun article. I liked the glam looks of the kids; $400 jacket? Wow, I want that. And it was cute to read they "fancied the hell out of each other" at some point. We all knew there had to be a crush or two going on there! Avatar Image says: Jeannine: I wish they *would* cancel the message boards. At least for a while, say, a month or so. That way the most hateful posters would hopefully find another forum for their hurt egos. I can’t imagine them going a whole month without being able to spread their venom. I am disgusted! Also, the fact that CaptainJack hasn’t been banned yet, is incomprehensible. Avatar Image says: "I wonder if that's true though, that only die-hard Harry Potter fans know Dan Radcliffe's name...." I'm not sure it is true. I know people who know him but aren't full-on HP fans. Perhaps because of Equus. The Intelligent newspaper coverage of Equus - I mean the interviews with Dan rather than sensationalism - barely touch on HP but focus on him as a person. Also Jonathan Ross, which is a BIG deal in the UK and many people watch it regularly. But it's true that Equus only got the publicity it did because of the Publicists (who have much to answer IMO!) and Tabloid media, who made a big deal of the Harry connection. Otherwise it's just a play that would only have been mentioned in the reviews. Just like Driving Lessons only aired on TV at Christmas because of the Harry Potter connection. And David Copperfield (Dan and Maggie Smith), was repeated on another channel at the same time. Along with the Philosopher's Stone for the umpteenth time!Avatar Image says: I used to love Rupert but his nasty fans turned me against him with all their Daniel bashing. I'll be glad when Harry Potter is over then we can all go our seperate ways!Avatar Image says: I agree with Sarah and Anne; rupert fans drove me to comment with their backhanded, mean and rude comments about Dan. Once I discovered this wonderful online HP world, it was disheartening to read the very vicious remarks about Emma and Dan in particular, Emma because of jealous girl fans and Dan because he's the star and focal point of all the attention. I do disagree and hope Leaky does not shut the comment board down, as people would just go elsewhere anywhere. The comments here are found on MN and elsewhere, and I dislike censorship. It is why I never bother with Veritaserum. Let the mods delete the bad and block the really rude ones, as they have done in the past, 's good enough. As for awareness of Dan, his role in Equus HAS found him new fans. Showbiz people who did not know his name certainly know it now. Anybody not aware of Dan in HP and Equus would have to be sans internet,tv, newspapers, radio or dead, as those pictures ricocheted around the world. It garnered what was tantamount to free publicity and because of HP, was picked up by just about every newspaper in the world. This doesn't mean December Boys will be a runaway success just because it's star is well known. All independent movies are hard sellers to begin with; that's why they are not known as "blockbusters" lol. Rupert's movie could be considered a disappointment, but so was History Boys, Richard Griffiths cinema version of his hit play. Relatively few indies become hits like Brokeback Mountain or Driving Miss Daisy.Avatar Image says: The difference between Ruperts and Dans bashers is that Rupert's bashers do it openly and on HP or common sites like TLC or IMDB while Dan's bashers, those that are Rupert's fan anyway, do it somewhat behind close door usually in Rupert's forum or Rupert's sites. Dan fans and Rup's bashers are very direct and merciless while Repurt fans and Dan haters are more subtle, preferring oblique or snide remarks. They usually say 'I have nothing against Dan or make no mistake I like him BUT.......'.At Rupert's fansites, some of Rupert fans can not help comparing the boys in everything they do and say Rup is better in just about everything. They can't keep Dan's name out of their conversation no matter how they try.It's as if he is at the back of their mind. Dan fans on their fansites especially the two big one hardly ever bash Rupert, in fact they hardly talk about him at all and if they do they usually have good words, but it's true the ones that do bash Rupert on the HP sites are vicious and beyond reason. It seems to me that thing has gone around full circle lately in bashdom. Earlier, Dan bashers usually picked on his acting, saying that he only went by his look while Rupert basher usually picked on his look. Now, probably due to Equus, Dan bashers start to pick on his look while emphasize Rupert's "hotness" while Rupert haters concentrate on his alleged "failed" career. Both of the boys' personality get bashed equally since they are opposite type of people so those who love one will dislike the other almost automatically. Be that as it may, in my opinion, it's Emma that get the worst and very undeserved since she is none of the thing people have said about her. Luckily, she also have a very loyal fans. Also luckily or yukily whichever way you see it, both Dan fans and Rypert fans, -some of them-, like to think of Emma as a prize for their idols meaning they think they idols should win this girl so they root for her because it will not look good for Dan or Rupert to win a damaged good. All in all everybody should get a life (including me) especially those who are over 20. Why do intelligent prople like us HP fans constantly and continuously fight one another and within that process throw hateful nonsenses at a group of youngster who have done nothing to us and whom we don't even actually know. Some of you may hate your ex-husband less than you hate these kids. Avatar Image says: This comment topic has become totally rediculious.LOL!!!! ****Shakes head****I just don't get the reason for this****What happened to the "spirit" of Harry Potter?****These arguments [and bashing on all sides ] are absurd. Avatar Image says: Getting back to the actual pictures, I think it's a shame that they didn't put the 'cover look' picture in the actual magazine. THAT is a cute picture. All three look their ages. On the bashing thing... I'm so glad I'm not 12-20 anymore or whatever age most posters seem to be. I wouldn't go back to that for anything in this world. (I also seem to remember similar fights over who was the best kid in new edition or new kids on the block.... people probably had similar fights over Frank Sinatra vs Tony Bennett... thank God we grow out of it...)Avatar Image says: imdb or fansites rupert fan(atic!)' comments be understood.nonstop dan' criticize.I am very bored (especially rupertfans comments reading imdb' everywhere) Iam alan rickmanfan.so ı began watching this movies.but my favorite teenage acts in this movies definitely dan radcliffe.Avatar Image says: >>Tistytosty - agreed. Miss the crowd as well. Must have been scared away somehow, pity that is. It's indeed a shame. There are a fair few people it would have been nice to get to know better. :(Avatar Image says: I wonder why you picked on me and radcakesfan specifically cinderella. Is it the fact that I have always been very open about whom I like best among the trio? That I don't hide under false names and pretend to be neutral? YOU seem to have forgotten that there are more posters in this thread (or same persons posting over and over) bashing Dan than bashing Rupert. You only picked on those posters whom you think are trying to hurt your precious little boy. This latest contoversy of Rupert being "snubbed" by Teenvogue seems to have unleashed your feelings of hatred again. You seem to think that because we are Dan fans we would be happy that Rupert is excluded from the cover. I posted in my previous comments that there is a reason why this has happened. It's an executive decision by the editorial staff of teenvogue which I think counted more the star power of the three and chose those whom they think can sell their mag more. If you think that it is bashing then I can't convince you that I was actualy trying to make things more accdeptable to you and the other Rupertfans. There are already outtakes to the photoshoot and now it appears that the cover pic is originally a trio pic and the staff purposely cut off Rupert from the picture. Now this is even more hurting to accept than if the mag originally intended only Dan and Emma on the cover. If this sparks another round of aqrguments, so be it. I have never pretended that I'm not a Dan fan. I know there are some who don't like to admit that they are Dan fans. There are people who make fun of us here and outside the HP sites saying "oh, the Dan girls are fangirling again." Me, I am proud to be a Dan fan and would of course stand up for him if he is attacked. Much like the way you go ballistic of even a hint of unfairness to your precious Rupert.Avatar Image says: ALL THREE of the Trio have star power; ALL THREE will grace the covers and/or insides of magazines over he next couple of months; ALL THREE will appear on some tv shows. Other HP fans may like to see more of some of the supporting cast so they can argue over who out of that lot has more star power... But regardless of who of the Trio you favour (I like all three), they all have a huge following (just look at their main fansites). BUT Dan being the lead character in the franchise will ALWAYS mean that he will get more media attention than Rupert. Emma being the lead female in the franchise will mean she will get more media attention than Rupert. And you know what? Rupert probably doesn't even mind - eing the reserved, understated man that he is. So let's just deal with it and get ready to enjoy the next couple of months WITHOUT tearing strips of each other PLEASE!!! [*waits to see if this gets deleted too*].Avatar Image says: This is getting beyond ridiculous, just over a couple of bloody pictures!!! Is this really what Harry Potter fans have come to? God help these three kids when the premieres come, picked and pulled to pieces. I think the best idea would be, if you don't like Daniel, don't write anything about him, if you don't like Rupert, don't write anything about him, as they say, "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all." and I'm gonna stick to that from now on. Let's all give it a rest, for all our sanity!Avatar Image says: Well said! (in fact, it's probably worth just freezing the comments now, mods.)Avatar Image says: those pictures are horrible! the three of them. they look disgustingly fashionable. Avatar Image says: Agree, Sarah. Umm, the behind the scenes pics are up at the teen vogue site now. They look really good, and the kids don't look much different from the other photos, so I don't think much photoshopping was done. Love the food shot, and love the serious look on Dan, and the way they have Dan leaning against the wall, and Emma leaning on him. Good looking kids.Avatar Image says: Behind the scenes shots: Emma looks to be having a blast! And Beautiful. Dan and Rupert look totally bored[ figured as much]but gorgeorus.They are in their street clothes as wellThe shoot was done in October 2006 right after OOTP was complete. I loved Daniel leaning against the wall,he looked great and I wondered what he was thinking?LOL! I love these,they look so natural. http://danielemmaradson.blogspot.com/ Avatar Image says: Cinderella, you're such a typical Rupertfan. I made it very clear that I'm a Dan fan so that must mean I hate Rupert eh? I'll give to you the same reply I gave to your friend jesi. (Unless you are the same person) "Just like a Rupertfan to conclude that I was bashing Rupert to push Dan up. Do you also accuse Emmafans of bashing Rupert everytime there's a news item where she overshadows Rupert? That's just what we do BTW. Rupert fans complain and we defend our favorites from the sourgraping. It's kinda irritating to read comments like "oh why is Rupe not on the cover when he's the bestest, the handsomest among the trio? That's implying that Dan doesn't deserve to be on the cover because Rupe is better. To give you your due I haven't seen you post like that here but there are many who pretend to be neutral and yet still show their bias by posting comments like "oh it's obvious why they chose Dan because he's nudeboy harry while Rupert is shy and doesn't want to be on the cover". Now, even if I weren't a Dan fan, I will take issue with that." And I can't understand much your disjointed laterst post but one thing is clear: you harbor some hatred for me. That is just a puzzling thing. You really should start reading all my posts cause I wonder where you got the idea that I hated Rupert so much that I wished him dead. lol. NOw I'm done with this thread.

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