More Scans from “Order of the Phoenix” Sticker Book


May 28, 2007

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Additional scans from a Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix sticker book are now online, showing some new scenes from the movies. Among the new are a glimpse of Ron and Hermione in Grimmauld Place (perhaps while cleaning the rooms), a look at Harry hugging Sirius while standing in front of the Black family tapestry at Grimmauld Place, as well as one of Trelawney teaching class with Malfoy, Crabbe and Pansy all at their tables. You can see all of these new scans (including other looks at young Snape in the Pensieve scene, slightly different views of Tonks, MadEye, Bella and more) here via
Thanks Mirko!
Update: Mirko let us know there are some additional scans up now, including this one of Ron apparently being held by a Death Eater, and one of Harry in his room on Privet Drive.

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