More Scans from “Order of the Phoenix” Sticker Book


May 28, 2007

Posted by SueTLC

Additional scans from a Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix sticker book are now online, showing some new scenes from the movies. Among the new are a glimpse of Ron and Hermione in Grimmauld Place (perhaps while cleaning the rooms), a look at Harry hugging Sirius while standing in front of the Black family tapestry at Grimmauld Place, as well as one of Trelawney teaching class with Malfoy, Crabbe and Pansy all at their tables. You can see all of these new scans (including other looks at young Snape in the Pensieve scene, slightly different views of Tonks, MadEye, Bella and more) here via
Thanks Mirko!
Update: Mirko let us know there are some additional scans up now, including this one of Ron apparently being held by a Death Eater, and one of Harry in his room on Privet Drive.

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Avatar Image says: Cool pics. I can't wait for this film to come out. 43 days to go!Avatar Image says: harry hugging sirius(hermione peeping )!!!!!!!!!! so cuteeee...... worth a million........and the way crabbe is sitting..awwwww.......hilarious..... Avatar Image says: Harry and Sirius - Pity Sirius had to be killed.Avatar Image says: freakin *Slytherins* in Divination, baby! why oh *why* is that not in the book?! I hope they're giving Trelawney a hard time XD. priceless, just priceless. Avatar Image says: Oh God... that Sirius + Harry pic... is the most heartbreaking thing ever :(Avatar Image says: My fav: ron holding harry back, snape (poor thing) and sirus hugging harry. Avatar Image says: I think the pic of Ron and Hermione looking worried in Grimmauld Place is when Harry first arrives and is shouting at them. That's if they kept that in. I really want Harry to say something like 'so what have you two been doing together all summer??' and Ron and Hermione look embarrassed. That would be a good thing to do to keep the R/Hr tension going. The movies ship them, in case you didn't know.Avatar Image says: Why no mauraders why just snape -not happy-Avatar Image says: I like the added Harry and Sirius hugging touch. It's smart for them to do this because it adds to the fact that Sirius is the closest thing to a father that Harry has ever had. Awww. Now I'm definitely going to cry when he dies. :(Avatar Image says: sirius and harry look very dramatic. young snape very cool. Trelawney loooks good.Avatar Image says: Love the pictures. There's a lot of Ron in the sticker book and young Snape looks like he's going to be quite good.Avatar Image says: I love the photo of young Snape -- so pointy, so greasy, so lonely.Avatar Image says: Aw, Sirius and Harry hugging (why on earth is Hermioine peeking?) But my favorite would have to be Ron holding Harry back at the train station. We don't really get enough Ron being an awesome friend to Harry.Avatar Image says: If there was ever one picture to show what "emo" is, the one of young snape is it. Looking at the picture of young snape makes me really feel sorry for him, i mean, snape was minding his own business reading his book and james, sirius and remus start picking on him!Avatar Image says: Snape socks rocks. I now really believe his mum loved him dearly. Avatar Image says: What?? Snape with trousers no grey undies then :(Avatar Image says: wow! i love the sirius and harry picture! it's so cute!!!!! yay i'm so excited!!!Avatar Image says: Check a few pictures of album! /collectibles/institutional/it/it/scheda_prodotto.asp?idEdit=2740Avatar Image says: The latent bully in me is sniggering at Snape's short trousers and secretly planning a wedgie. :(Avatar Image says: Wonder what Ron is holding Harry for.. Hmmmm... Probably, when Harry saw that voldy-vision thingy, he got all fired up, and Ron tried to throw some sense into him....Avatar Image says: nice pics. like the sirius/harry hugging one..... like the young snape one tooAvatar Image says: "why on earth is Hermioine peeking?" Because she can't cope that there's a hugging scene and it's not her hugging Harry like in every other movie!Avatar Image says: Wait, this is a different sticker book from the one I saw earlier at Barnes & Noble. Did they make a newer, better one? If so...where can I buy it? =]Avatar Image says: What's with young snape looking so clean and smartly dressed?! His hair is washed, his trousers are clean and pressed, cuffs and collar fresh, shoes smartly polished. Other than the long black hair and the hooked nose, he scarcely resembles Snape at all. Really makes one wonder if the film-makers have bothered to read what Snape is like... :? Avatar Image says: It's because we like to see him be prettyfull. ^_^Avatar Image says: Thanks Sarah for the link, but it's not working. Here is the actual link for a few thumnails of new pictures from the movie: (remove spaces)Avatar Image says: *cries* Harry and Sirius! :( And it's funny- Emma is so tiny without Hogwarts robes on lol. I hope Ron and Harry's friendship is emphasized in this one, not just Harry and Hermione's. Is Ron clapping a hand on Harry's back in that one picture? Or is he hiding behind him.... *sigh* pleeeease let Ron not be shown as a pansy in this one! Show Harry and Ron playing chess!!! :(Avatar Image says: Kristen: I like the added Harry and Sirius hugging touch. Obviously almost everyone feel this way. For me, the saddest part of OotP and Sirius's death was that neither of them ever took the chance of a hug. Much too emotional for such macho guys. I cried and cried because they never let each other see how much they cared. Oh, well, just me, I guess...Avatar Image says: Theres something strange..on the pic with harry threatening Dudley, dudley's friends are there... Harry wouldnt show his wand in public (*giggle*... sorry XD) like that. The pics are nice, especially young snape, and Tonks looks like shes gonna rock. I do hope we'll also see her with shorter hair thought... I wanna see young james, remus and sirius and Lily in character, too!Avatar Image says: I like the Snape one for some reason. Plus the Hermione and Ron pic is cool. I just like seeing them together. Boy, Emma has gotten thin. Still looks great though.Avatar Image says: Great pictures! The one of Young Snape rocks, except I agree with the comment that his clothes are too new looking. I am wondering what humiliation they are going to add to the scene in order to compensate for him wearing pants (unless those get pulled down). I also agree that I would like to see Tonks with the short pink hair. And I'm glad Harry and Sirius were able to bond in the short time they had together! I don't know how well the movie's version of the story will play out, but so far this is the most visually-interesting of the movies IMO. It already looks like it should be nominated for special effects and design. I don't know about costumes though, some of them might be a bit odd to people not as knowledgeable of the wizarding world.Avatar Image says: brilliant pix Avatar Image says: Yay, more pics! Love the one of the Order and the one of Ron and Hermione cleaning, cuz I'm glad to see that they put that scene in there. But who the heck is this, holding Ron back? A DE?Avatar Image says: Love all the pix! Umbridge looks like the Queen in that picture of her during the start of term and Dumbledore introducing her to the studentsAvatar Image says: Here are my predicitions. Voldemort kills Harry. NEVILLE kills Voldemort. Dumbledore is not dead.Avatar Image says: oh my poor dear Ronald! Who is holding you captive?!Avatar Image says: Am I the only one who thinks that Dan and Rupert look soooooooooooooooooo good togehter?! Boy! They should give us more shoots of these 2 together!Avatar Image says: Lisa, sweetie... no.Avatar Image says: The guy holding Ron is probably a Death Eater. That should be a cool scene. And the Harry and Sirius picture makes me so sad because we know Sirius' fate. Avatar Image says: Yay! Love the tiny pic of Luna with the quibbler!! Awesome pics!Avatar Image says: you can buy this and those coloring books at Border's..i was just there yesterday and they have all of these books. YYAY!Avatar Image says: Yes , the one with Harry and Sirius is the best. So hearfelt and later sad as we know. But what is the last pic. Who is with Ron, the man?Avatar Image says: Unfortunately for the R/Hr shippers, the movies don't really give anvil hints about that ship. Nothing shippy about this pic of Hermione looking bossy and Ron looking his usual, scared? intimidated self. Besides, book 5 is quite silent about R/hr. I like it that the OotP movie is pushing the Harry/Sirius relationship more than the romantic ones. I heard that Dan himself asked the director to stress this. Good input Dan.Avatar Image says: HAHAHAHA! Sirius with his natty waistcoat! He belongs in a 70s glam rock band!Avatar Image says: The one of Sirius and Harry hugging is very touching. Good of them to put this scene in the movie.Avatar Image says: I'm okay about Harry having his wand out (oh dear) in front of Dudley's gang, if only because they look hilariously entertained by it. Dudley is a chav. I am still laughing about from months ago. Seriously.Avatar Image says: I wanna give snape a hug! what's with Hermione crashing the Harry Sirius photo...the framing looks weird. but Dan and Gary are adorable!Avatar Image says: I love the Sirius and Harry hug, hopefully there will be high-res of it soon! I want to see young Sirius and young James pictures! How I love the two of them :)Avatar Image says: I totally adore the Snape picture..I think his REAL personality is portraited here, not what Harry sees in him or what he became after all these years.. and to Moogatoo: Don´t be so unfeeling...No one of the characters has really deserved to die, except Voldemort and most of the Death Eaters..Avatar Image says: Snape Rules!!Avatar Image says: My feelings about Snape are mixed. well not exactly mixed- I feel sorry for him back then. Moogatoo, I think you're completely wrong about them not bullying him, they did. let's just say I'm not too fond of James after reading it. however, I do agree with your feelings about him as he is now. I hate him, and sorry Morgaine, but I do think he deserves to die. In fact, I hope he does/think he will.Avatar Image says: Is anybody else having troubles with the links?Avatar Image says: has some new scans of Dan! *is ded from eyes* Okay, breathing again. To Musiclover, I agree that Harry would be so demonstrative with Sirius, but on the other hand, to have someone like an uncle around... Also the fact that it's a guy, as opposed to getting hugs from a girl ie Hermione, I think he'd be more used to that.Avatar Image says: Not working for me either. Linda-where are you from?Avatar Image says: Yeah Jupe i think it is Pansy. We know that she and Malfoy are close and they are sitting next to each other. But who is the dweeb on the pouffe next to Crabbe/Goyle? I agree about Pansy in PoA. She appeared in little more than a few small scenes with Malfoy and that's it. She may have a bigger role in this film as the bitch that is always snickering at the Trio's misfortuneAvatar Image says: OMG, The picture of Sirius and Harry hugging broke my heart. He seems so vulnerable in this film. I think Daniels acting has improved so much. I think, and hope, that this film is going to make alot of people understand Harrys anger and anguish in the OotP book. To physically see it is a whole other experience. Cant wait!Avatar Image says: "Oh, and BTW, I don't like the way they're making Harry all easy about touching and hugging, it's very wrong, JK didn't make him uneasy about that stuff for no reason, "abused" kids like Harry are not easy at all about hugging and touhing. But, then again, they went out of their way since the first films, making Harry all touchy & huggy! Which is very ILLOGICAL from a psychological aspect. Just another characterization flaw in the films (one of soooooo many!).. *sigh*" I totally agree with you there. Some people are going oh-ah about how sweet & blah, blah, blah.. it looks, and totally forgetting how very wrong, characterization-wise it's!Avatar Image says: Well, Linda and Jupe, Pansy has a big scene in the beginning of HBP! Remember? On the Hogwarts Express, when Harry is hiding under his invisibility cloak in Malfoy's compartment, and Malfoy is laying in Pansy's lap and telling them all this important stuff that really can't be cut from the film... Hmm...that was quite odd though, with POA. You can find her if you really look, like in the Hippogriff scene, she's there with the rest of the Slytherins.Avatar Image says: Yes thats pansy. It isnt the same girl who played her in POA though. This new girls name is Lauren Shotton...and she is considered an extra. They might credit her as Pansy but all of us fans know whos shes representing anyways. Dont ask how I know this as i dont think its aloud to be discussed on the comments.Avatar Image says: the picture with ron adn hermione is from when harry starts shouting at them, and it looks like hermione will be angry at him, when in the books shes almost crying.. so there goes my hope on a actual book hermione this year... And the hug with sirius is very wrong also, harry would never do something like that, I do remmeber that Sirius grabbed him at the shoulders/hugged him very fast before he left after christmas, and gave him the mirror I think.. but it seems they are trying to cheese it up in the film..bah.Avatar Image says: Regarding the hug between Harry and Sirius, in the books there was development of their relationship throughout Goblet of Fire but this wasn't so in the film, so this film has to really develop that in order that the audience can believe that Sirius's death affects Harry as much as it does.Avatar Image says: In films, things have got to be bigger than in the book, that's why there's a hug. In the book you can read what harry's thinking. You can't do that in a film. You might know that sirius and harry have a very special relationship without the hug, but people who did'nt read it have to understand that as well. Avatar Image says: All the pictures look great, I love the Harry/ Sirius one, (Hermione looking on), very sweet and I don't about any inaccuracies, this film looks great.Avatar Image says: What's the problem with Harry hugging Sirius ? Why do you say it's psychologically wrong, and when did Rowling write something about Harry being uneasy hugging ? Harry and Sirius were very close in the book, so what's wrong with a hug ? As long as there's good reason for it, and it's not like, "Let's do a hugging scene here".. as long as the dialogue explains why they would hug, I'm perfectly fine with it.Avatar Image says: I certainly hope they keep the scene on the train in HBP. That's really why I wanted to know if Pansy will be in this film. I suppose that's alright, then. It's good she's there, even if it's not in a very substantial capacity, so she won't come out of nowhere next time. I have a bit of a soft spot for Pansy. I don't know why! I know she's horrible!Avatar Image says: "Theres something strange..on the pic with harry threatening Dudley, dudley's friends are there... Harry wouldnt show his wand in public (*giggle*... sorry XD) like that. " yes I thought that picture wierd too. I don't know why people think Harry and Sirius hugging is uncharacteristic. I've never read that Harry was awkward with hugging. He's sometimes embarrassed by Mrs Weasley but also 'secretly pleased' when she hugs him a second time at the start of PoA (I think it is), and he also cries into her shoulder in GoF (until Hermione annoyingly interrupts the scene). The rest of the time he is strangely unemotional it's true, but he knows how to be emotional with people he loves. I thought that was the point... Avatar Image says: it looks like Hermione hasn't been eating her treacle tarts...Avatar Image says: I don't like Pansy at all. She's always clinging to Malfoy. lol. You'd think he'd get annoyed after a couple years of constant fawning. Unless she's like a really good friend to him. I think i'd like her more if we got to see more of her character than what Harry sees. (which is the really sappy side) though i like when Pansy is a bit snarky. like when she's making fun of Neville. more snark & feistiness. and less sappyness please.Avatar Image says: I agree with you, anne.Avatar Image says: As someone myself who have seen abused kids like Harry, I know for a fact how very uneasy they are about any human physical contact, and about expressing their feelings and emotions in general. So, I agree that this hug seems too easy for someone like Harry. In the books, Harry is always embarrassed and awkward whenever anyone (hermy or Mrs. Weasley) tries to hug him, even if he secretly finds some emotional comfort in some rare occasions when Mrs. Weasley hugs him, it doesn't mean that his uneasiness is gone or any less, or that he's become "normally" okay with it in general, or that he would actually hugs anyone on his own. The films have been making him very okay-ish about hugging and touching (hugging hermy and Hagrid on his own in a very "normal" way), which is unrealistic, and doesn't fit with his profile as an abused kid. Which, IMHO, goes to show that the films do not care to show how very realistic JK had tried to make those characters, they only care to make them as "commercial" as possible, and if sappy emo scenes sell, then let's stuff them in, regardless how they fit with the characters and their psychological backgrounds. My humble opinion anyway. *shrugs*

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