French Release Date for “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows”


Jun 06, 2007

Posted by EdwardTLC

News came today from Gallimard, the publishers of the Harry Potter books in France, who announced that the seventh book in author J. K. Rowling’s series will be published in France on Friday, October 26, 2007. The book, translated by Jean-François Ménard, will have 850 pages and retail for 26.5 €.
In addition to this news, we also recently received word from a number of our readers that the Danish publication of the final Harry Potter book will be October 13th.

Thanks to everyone who mailed in to let us know!

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Avatar Image says: 850 pages? Wish I could read french. The longer the 7th book, the longer until the end :( Well,anyway, congrats, french HP fans!Avatar Image says: Hi, You didn't mention the fact that they are also announcing the French title ! (maybe because they already had, I don't know), I won't say it here (because it's a spoiler) but it's still good to know that people interested in finding out the French title can go and check the website of gallimardAvatar Image says: I believe they edited the title, because indeed it would be kind of a spoiler... two minutes ago it was still there. I was too quick though :p mwoehaha. Very interesting indeed. And I couldn't agree more, the longer the better!! Too bad French isn't really my mothertongue either ( to say the least :p)Avatar Image says: becky. gthe french version of book7 isent longer in truth. they just have a different font size and formatting. no translation will be longer then the english versions. they tend to be shorter if the translators makes cuts which they often do. think of 850 pages are nothing more then a estimate, because they dont get the book until july 21st like the rest of us.Avatar Image says: aww... i missed the title. i wanna know!!!Avatar Image says: wait i forget how many pages the american version is...Avatar Image says: Yeah, I know that "in essence" all the versions are the same lengths and tell the same story, but...I don't know. I just wish that the 7th book could go on and on forever! And having more pages (which means that the text would be larger or spread out on the page more) would just make the book feel longer. I don't want Harry Potter to end!Avatar Image says: The French version is not longer because of the font, but because of the French language itself, which generally needs more words to say the same thing than in English. English tend to be more concise, in part because of its phrasal verbs and extended hybrid vocabulary created from Anglo-Saxon, Latin, French... It is not always true, sometimes the French language can even be more concise than the English one, but generally the English is more. For example, "a wand" becomes "une baguette magique" in French. "Harry ran over to Ron" becomes "Harry se dirigea vers Ron en courant". "I'm starving", "Je meurs de faim". etc... Hope this will help clear things up. :-)Avatar Image says: Alleluia! Rendons grâce à Dieu! Dieu merci and all that jazz. Finally I can tell my wife when her anticipated first Chrismas present will be in her hands. It is quite normal for the french version to be longer than the english version. French uses a lot of circumlocution. It is not as malleable, flexible as english. English is a much to the point language, more supple. One can take short cuts in english that are impossible in french. Thanks for the tip. I will have a look at Gallimard's site. Not knowing it yet, I fail to see how it can be such a giveaway. Bonne lecture all.Avatar Image says: oooh...French people are lucky!!! Spanish speakers will have to wait until February for a horrible translation (horrorcruxes, someone?)...those are the main reasons for reading it in English :D... And I agree with all of you...I wished DH would be (at least) twice as long as OotP...I want it to last more than 1 day!!! :PAvatar Image says: leaky, I'm going to Wakarusa fest for the next four days. You make sure NOTHING IMPORTANT happens while I'm gone, ok? no wombats, no DH news, nothing. I am counting on you to do nothing for the next four days. Inform JK. Thank you, Love, Sarah Y. (is going to be without a computer for the next four days)Avatar Image says: I hadn't realized Gallimard was the French publishing house in France, period.Avatar Image says: Ah i keep forgetting that the other countries that need translating have to wait so long...I feel bad for them. Well, France should be glad that they're not Japan, because then they'd be getting it about a year later! That would STINK, to be frank.Avatar Image says: I'm a french canadian but there's no way I'll wait for a french version. They always cut out a lot like hermione's boggart in PoA (and the whole boggart thing test, actually...the final exams are cut down to like one resuming sentence...)... also, I really don't like the french names, it's just so much better in the original version. Nope, in 45 days my boyfriend will lose me for a week at least(I could read it in less time, I'm sure, but I'll want to make it last! eheh) It's nice to know the french title though, it does makes more sense to me than the english title, since english isn't my first langage after all...=DAvatar Image says: Oh,that's cool! 'Harry Potter and The Relics of Death'.That sounds waaay cooler that 'Deathly Hallows'.lolAvatar Image says: Yeah, they cut some bits of the books in french versions, like Hermione's boggart or Lockhart's tale of the wagga wagga werewolf, but these mistakes have been repaired since. ;) And as for the french title, "Relics of Death" may sound cooler in english but not in French, I can tell !Avatar Image says: ""horrorcruxes"" lol, at least menard did not translate that one. Seams there where some cut on the firsts french edition. As well as fudge being called "lafadaise" in the first PS edition. (tanks to however decided to gave him back his proper name lol) 26 euros ! Oh my. Why is Gallimard always so expensive! Anyway I'll style be in Denmark. might as well wait for a typo-free and properly print edition. Gallimard first edition are poor quality, record was to OOTP! Avatar Image says: The Danish Edition will be out October 13th. The title will be (90%) Harry Potter og Dødsregalierne = Harry Potter and the (royal) Insignias of Death! This was said by Mrs Mette Nejmann, publisher of the Harry Potter books at Gyldendal, Denmark! Link: 20070530/UNDERHOLDNING/70 530027/1045/AAvatar Image says: Marianne, I couldn't make the link work. Is there any more interesting information on the site? I have to say, that the danish title doesn't sound to good in danish (not horrible, but still. It actually sounds better the way you translated it to english. But I don't understand how they can all be announcing titles at this time. As far as I know, the translaters don't get the book sooner than the rest of us. That was the case last time anyway. And if we can discuss the title no end, how can they possibly translate it allready? Do they know something we don't?Avatar Image says: @Gry1, send me an email and I will answer your question in the evening. [email protected]Avatar Image says: OH TAHNKS THANKS THANKS!!!!!!!!! I was waiting for ages to know when the book will be published here in France!!!!!!! (l)(l)(l) (k)(k)(k)Avatar Image says: Mateo, there are new editions in french with no missing bits now? I didn't know that, if that's true. Thought, I read half blood prince in english and I though it was a much better experience than the others. Imagine the title in french "Harry Potter et le prince de sang-mêlé" .... *shudder*... it means like "HP and the prince with/of mixed blood" There are so many parts in it I wondered how they could have managed to translate properly... Anyway, even if it's a great translation, I'm just not patient enough =DAvatar Image says: @Alba, send me an email. [email protected]Avatar Image says: Yes, the translated names are ridiculous, once you know the original names. I read books 1-4 in French first and the names didn't sound that silly (well, not too silly for books about wizards). But after rereading 1-4 and reading 5 and 6 in English, I forgot most of the French names. Now I can't believe I used to think of Hogwarts as Poudlard or of Slytherin as Serpentard. And what's Crookshanks' name again? Pattenrond? *shudders* And 3 months after the original release date is something I can deal with. I won't have to wait too long to be able to discuss the book with family members! As for the French title, anything with "de la mort" in it sounds like my teenage brother talking.Avatar Image says: I am still not convinced that translating the names of the characters was a necessity. That being an english story it was perfectly fitting to keep the english names. Have other modern great novels seen their character's name translated? In War and peace, for instance, is there a translation of names. I know that for Greek and Roman mythologys the names have been adapted to the readers culture. But was it necessary for Harry Potter? Some names in french are very colorful. Some may not like them, as we have seen.Avatar Image says: If last names in Russian novels are never translated ("Crime and Punishment's Rodion Schismatic" wouldn't sound as good as Raskolnikov, wouldn't it?), first names are however sometimes adapted. Especially in French versions: Sergei becomes Serge, Nikolay becomes Nicolas, Fyodor becomes Théodore, etc. French speakers also know Anna Karenina as Anna Karénine, although that is the (incorrect) masculine form of the last name. I personally dislike this practice, I feel it takes away the "national flavour" of the work. Avatar Image says: Emélie -> Lafadaise, the first fench name for Fudge ? I didn't know that... Lucky they change it, though... I don't like "frenchised" names... Like "Ombrage" for Umbridge, "Moroz" for Bode (didn't understand that one...), but we have escaped "Cornelimace" for Slughorn ! And it's the same for star wars : the bad guy is "Dark Vador" and in episode IV, Chewie was called "Chiktabac"... Tsuta -> yes, new french editions now are fully trnaslated (bad, but fully !). And as for "le prince de sang-mélé", the first title was "le prince au demi-sang"... ¤ shudder ¤

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