Paris “Order of the Phoenix” Premiere Pictures Online


Jul 05, 2007

Posted by EdwardTLC

The Paris premiere for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix was held the other evening and we now have a few pictures from the event online. Emma Watson (Hermione Granger) and Rupert Grint (Ron Weasley) attended the event along with OotP director David Yates who also made an appearance at a prior photocall in Paris. These pictures are online via Getty images, which also feature the red carpet arrivals of many people including Emma, Rupert and Mr. Yates.

On a related note, we received word from HarryPotter-Xperts the Swiss premiere took place yesterday in Zurich. We now have a few pictures from that event, which was attended by Kaite Leung (Cho Chang) and Oliver Phelps (George Weasley), here in our image galleries.

Order of the Phoenix will next be premiering in the States on July 8th. Taking place in Los Angeles, CA, TLC will be in attendance and bring you continued coverage from the event. Phoenix will be released in theaters July 11.

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Avatar Image says:

I will see you all there. This is the month I’ve been waiting for since 1998. I never dreamed there’d be so much to look forward to: A Leaky podcast at the library (100th episode, yeah!), followed by a visit by the Knight Bus, followed by a national premiere, followed by a Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony, followed by a Leaky/Mug podcast, followed by the release of the film, followed by the last book with a ROCKIN’ party and all-night reading at Skylight Books! I am freakin’ out with joy!

Peace, wemoonwitch

P.S. Feel free to come up and say hi…. I’ll be the grrrl with a violet shirt reading “Weird Sisters” (in pink of course) written across and, possibly, bubble-gum pink (maybe more like magenta) hair.

Avatar Image says:

Great pix of Rupert and Emma. Thanks Leaky.

Avatar Image says:

emma’s dress was ok although i think the golden lines around the neck and the belt are just a little too much, but she looked cool.and rupert, well he looks good as always…cause he ALWAYS dresses up casual at premieres, its ok but he might want to change it cause it might get boring:D

Avatar Image says:

great pics of the two of them

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OH Wow! I love these pictures! They are so much better than the London Premiere. Except Dan isn’t in them. But Rupert and Emma look so great together! Love her dresses, and hair is better too! And I love Rupes ‘Crown’ shirt. Even though he means queen, I can’t help thinking of ‘Weasley is our King’. Love it! These made my day!

Avatar Image says:

Order of the Phoenix next premiers in Dublin on Sunday July 8th also for all us Irish fans!

Avatar Image says:

Wow, Emma looks a LOT prettier than in the London premiere photos… in those I thought she looked scary but in the Paris ones she looks a lot more natural, which is how she’s the prettiest (She scares me when she get the strange hairdoes lol… but not as much as Bonnie with the eye make up overload… that girl is so pretty as Ginny, I don’t get why she puts on so much make up…)

(please, people, don’t get offended at this comment, I love both Emma and Bonnie, think they’re wonderful and all, I just think they look prettier when natural =D )

°goes to squee some more at Emma&Ruperts pics° (for once they’re seen together! It’s always Emma and Dan, usually, so it’s a nice change!)

Avatar Image says:

by the way of “weasley is our king” is it true that the songs and the matches aren’t going to be in the movie?i heard such a rumour but i don’t know for sure.i’ll be really sad if they took it out, it was the funniest part of the book:(

Avatar Image says:

I was there and it was so great ! Emma and Rupert are really nice ! I’ve got one autograph of Emma, one of David Yates and two of Rupert !!!

Avatar Image says:

Does anyone else think Emma looks tired? I am sure this blitz of media interviews and traveling with the premieres is very tiring on them. Hang in there guy!

Avatar Image says:

Erm…who is this “Kaite” who was spotted in Zurich?

Any relation to “Katie”?


Avatar Image says:

Wow! Is it humanly possible for Emma to get any more beautiful? She really is one of the most beautiful girls in the world!

Avatar Image says:

I took Rupert’s teeshirt to be defiance in the face of car bombing here.

I think some of the photos of Emma in London, in which she looked very tanned, may have been the fault of the photographer. You must adjust the camera according to the ambient light, and I think he failed to.

Avatar Image says:

Awwwwww…They look soo cute together.’Cause Emma is always with Daniel at premieres(I think it’s because she’s to embarased to get near Rupert)And I just luv Rupert’s T-Shirt.

Avatar Image says:

hahaha emma is good

Avatar ImageWON_TWO says: Nice pix...

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