Anecdote Winner #3

Sep 16, 2007

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A Butterbeer Brewing

My sister and I were the cutest preteens,
And silly as a bucket of Bertie-Bott’s Beans.
The Sorcerer’s Stone would soon be in theaters
And we were the self-proclaimed BEST Potter readers.
One night we sat huddled at the computer with glee,
Fanfiction, fanart and what? A BUTTERBEER RECIPE?!
We grabbed cash and coats, and raced out the door
To buy tons of cream soda at the old corner store.
Mom helped us mix up the hot syrup and butter,
And soon the drinks were all bubble and sputter.
Oh, nothing could make our Potter-loving careers
Like sipping a couple of warm butterbeers.
Bouncing in front of our mugs, glad indeed,
We imagined the trio in a snowy Hogsmeade,
But as we took our first gulps, the smiles soon faded,
And we saw the whipped cream we had used was quite dated.
My sister and I choked and spat in the sink,
Our “bitterbeer” was spoiled and made quite a stink.
But we weren’t defeated, we were tough as big men,
So we gargled some mouthwash and started again.
One hour later we young girls found success
And had sipped our sweet brews in somewhat excess.
Now as far as we knew about the word “beer”,
The more of it drunk, the more strange you appear.
So we guzzled away, became very “merry”,
And practiced our kissing on a poster of Harry.
We raced out to the woods and plucked wands from the trees,
Casting jinxes and spells, left and right as we pleased.
We laughed and ran circles and then laughed some more,
Then collapsed in a heap of fits on the floor.
But soon as it came, our giddy zip was expended,
And down from atop Sugar High we descended.
My sister and I crawled into bed (more or less),
And dreamt of jumping aboard the great Hogwarts Express.

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