Anecdote Winner #4

Sep 16, 2007

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About two months ago, my husband informed me that he needed to schedule his flights for the house hunting trip he needed to take. Mind you, he needed to fly from Hawaii (where we currently live) to Washington, DC (where we’re going), and there are not a lot of convenient flights available. Such is the depth of my addiction to Harry Potter that as soon as he said “¦and I’ll fly back July 21st” that I dropped the phone (I was at work) and let out a long and horrifying wail upon realization that this would keep me from attending the midnight release party at my local Borders store.

Me: “What do you mean, the 21st? Do you realize what happens at midnight on the 20th/21st?”

Helpless husband: “Huh? What on earth are you¦. Ohhhhhhh. That’s the Harry Potter thing, isn’t it?”

Me: “YES! You need to change your flight!! Come in on the 20th, I’ll never be able to get a babysitter!! I can take the older two, but there’s no way the youngest will be able to handle hours of waiting! Pleeeeeeease!!!”

Helpless husband: “Are you serious? You actually want me to schedule my flight around the release of a Harry Potter book?”

Me: “Uh, YEAH!”

Helpless husband: “Fine, I’ll call you back when I’ve made my reservations¦”

An hour later, my husband became the world’s-most-incredible-and-fabulous-husband-EVER when he informed me that he had indeed scheduled his flight so that he could baby sit the kids while I went to the release party with a friend. And yes, my coworkers are still teasing me about it.

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