Anecdote Winner #5

Sep 16, 2007

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I love Harry Potter and have spent years either advocating its utter coolness (to boys I just mention Quidditch and that’s all it takes) or cursing Laura Mallory to an eternity locked in the Harry Potter theme park, surrounded by Potter fans. So obviously I, like anyone who didn’t live under a rock, was waiting in front of a bookstore in anticipation for the release of Deathly Hallows with 400 others. These were my people; the ones who knew or guessed exactly what a Crumple Horned-Snorcack looked like. There’s always something that makes a release worth coming to and that time, it was a group of boys and judging by their immature comments to some of the girls (the tamest and lamest of which was “I can show you how to use a wand if you’d like.”) they had mentalities which were a cross between Crabbe and Austin Powers. The bookstore assistant didn’t hear them over the bustling of the other fans but for those in the immediate vicinity, it was utter hell. After an hour, I informed them, politely I might add, that unless they wanted to taste the sole of my high heeled boots (they shouldn’t be used that way but this was a worthy cause) they would keep their idiotic comments to themselves. One retort after another led to a full scale HP trivia war between those boys and us girls, a battle that would have made Emerson and Melissa proud. Surprisingly, the boys kept up with us to the very end and we were all applauded by everyone, including the bookstore staff. We left that day with our books, respect for each other (ok, so I think the girls answered a bit better but it ended ok.) and I left with one of their phone numbers.

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