Anecdote Winner #6

Sep 16, 2007

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Well, when I heard there was a contest for the funniest story…I was thrilled. These books have affected my whole family, although I am the only one who reads them. I remember starting the first book in third grade, I took it to my dad’s house to read over the weekend, and I settled down on the couch. After only a few moments I came across a word that was strange to me.
You see, I was hardly an avid reader up to this point and many of the words in this series would baffle me, so I simply asked my father what the word was, and he looked at me strangely. He asked me, “You don’t know what that word is? You don’t even have a guess?”
When I told him that no I didn’t even have a guess he told me what the word was, I was simply astounded, “It doesn’t sound the same way it’s spelled,” I said angrily. My three sisters and two brothers heard my angry voice, and, me being a very calm child, came running.
“What’s going on?” my eldest sister asked, worried. After my father explained the situation, my brother asked what the word was. I turned to look out the window as my father simply said,
For nearly eight years now, every time any of us hears the word motorcycle, we laugh, and remember the first time I ever saw it written down. And still, I get ridiculed by my siblings for the word I never knew.

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